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Armando Trujillo

Mrs. Waggoner

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of homes

BY:ARMANDO TRUJILLO When it's hot out side they cooked on the flat roof. Sometimes they slept on the roof. The roof was hard but it was worth it and some time they sat because of the breeze. They didn't really care if their house was big or small, they just care to build their home. The richest people had up to 10 rooms or more. They made their homes out of mud.
The mud was dried by the sun. This was like their garden.
Their garden was the
heart of the home. Out side their homes they had their gatekeeper. On the window they had reed mats to keep out bugs and insects. They had one main entrance. There they are doing there home.
It requires a lot of time to do build their home. The woman's room was the kitchen.
Their job was to cook for the family,
while the man is getting the fish or grain. Ancient Egypt homes

Their homes and gardens Woman work and man Out side of their homes Gardens Homes What they do how was it made construction video
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