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The Riley Cabin

Built in 1938, our family cabin is an American classic.

Julie Waugh

on 16 January 2011

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Transcript of The Riley Cabin

Our Family Tradition Maeve and Sophie's Great Grandma and Grandpa built the cabin in 1938 as a place to hunt and fish. It is a traditional log cabin with one large room, a fireplace, and a loft for sleeping. It was built from local materials (wood and rocks) and still stands strong today. A Place Where We Have All Grown Up Baby Maeve Baby Sophie Takes the Path The Sleeping Loft The cabin was built originally without electricity
and running water.
The original outhose still stands,
but not too many of us use it anymore... The newest addition to the cabin is an outdoor shower.
Getting clean with the trees overhead is fantastic. The small, motorless lake is one of the best parts of being at the cabin.
At night, you can hear loons on the lake. In the daytime you can see families of ducks. No Electronics Allowed No computers, no TV, no radio. Just a phone.
It's a place where we find things to do away
from the modern world. Archery Canoeing Sketching Looking Closely at Wildlife Long Walks Together Swinging in the Hammock and Reading Boating, Swimming, and Our Favorite, Fishing Trying to Catch Chipmunks Warm days, cold nights, and plenty of rain make the
North Woods of Michigan a wonderful place to
sit in front of the fire. Every summer, we can't wait to get back! Many trees create a forest
of green and shade.
Moss and ferns cover the ground.
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