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Solar energy center,Gual pahari,Gurgaon

No description

abu arora

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Solar energy center,Gual pahari,Gurgaon

SOLAR ENERGY CENTER,GUAL PAHARI,GURGAON CASE STUDY A brief description energy conscious features of SEC are: bio fuel >> objective: It was established in India with a view to encourage research in the feild o solar technology as a viable solar energy system. >> location Located on the Gurgaon-Faridabad road in Haryana state of India, about 35 km south of Delhi. >> climatic conditions hot and dry with summer temperatures reaching as high as 47 degree C. 1. roof surface evaporative cooling system.

2.appropriate planning in which laboratories requiring air conditioning are put together,in a well insulated building.

3.windows designed for cross ventilation and day lightining.

4. reflective finish on roof surface.

5. hollow concrete block walls to resist heat gain by conduction. major activities of SEC 1.solar thermal.

2.solar photovoltaics.

3.solar thermal power generation.

4. bio fuel.

5. international coopeartion
6.training and information services. The SEC is equiped with solar thermal facilities for eveluation
of solar water heating
systems, solar cookers and
other solar thermal devices. solar thermal power generation The SEC has maintained a 50 Kw prototype level solar thermal power plant ,utilising parabolic trogh collectors, to serve as an educational, R&D, training facility. SOLAR THERMAL solar thermal: major activities: solar energy centre workshop building: >> roof has been given a reflecting white finish, to prevent heat gain. >> permanent ventilators and two level windows have been provided. guest house building: >>roof has a terrace garden. >> guest rooms are partially sunk into the ground. solar photovoltaic well equipped laboratory with devices to perform characterization of solar cells, devices for testing of lightening systems that can be used for lightening of PV lightening system, has facility for module testing. The SEC has widen its scope of activities to develop bio-fuels.Accordingly SEC has worked for plantation of non edible oil species namely JATROPHA CURCAS and PONGANIA PINNATA international cooperation The S.E.Centre is designated as the Secretariat for G-15 Project on solar energy applications, and it organizes various Training programmes and performs information dissemination activities among the member countries. The Centre, in a village in Senegal, Training and information centre training and information centre The SEC maintains a big library
and imparts training on renewable
energy education and organizes
training programmes on solar energy
, and simultaneously brings out technical brochures on solar energy technologies.
The SEC arranges for theoretical
and practical training on PV system designs. future scope and aspects associated thank you The greatest scope for solar power generation today is in the distributed model i.e., in building a large number of small and medium scale projects, rather than a few large scale projects. The distributed model will mean small power plants that can cater to the needs of a collection of villages and ensure power generation at the point of consumption. The energy security offered by solar power clearly attracts attention from the commercial sector. solar thermal power
generation The SEC has maintained a 50 KW
level prototype solar thermal power
plant, utilising parabolic collectors, to serve as an educational ,R&D and training facility.
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