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Vision, Mission, Objectives, Goals, Prob. & its Background

No description

Hanna Cruz

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Vision, Mission, Objectives, Goals, Prob. & its Background

Corporate Vision & Mission
Underlying Goals and Objectives
Problems and its Background Mission Goal Objective To contribute to the health and happiness of every person around the world through the pursuit of excellence in life sciences and the study of microorganisms. Yakult pushes forward with the quest for new possibilities for probiotics in the academic and medical fields. Yakult's greatest goal is to bring smiles to faces everywhere. Vision Increase customer awareness about healthy drink.
Strengthening the digestive system. Number of bottles of dairy products sold worldwide: 3,011 million bottles per day. 2006 - Routine basis.
- Paper-based reports incorporating data on past sales
- Analysis of Yakult’s sales patterns across all retailers. Background Poor availability of stock
Slow stock turnaround
Shelf-life wastage
Stock being positioned in the wrong place Problems Yakult took a decision in 2006 to review its field sales operations across the UK and Ireland.
Primary aim: to ensure that the field sales team was deployed effectively.
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