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Love is a Battlefield Analysis

No description

Sarah Lehnertz

on 23 March 2016

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Transcript of Love is a Battlefield Analysis

Love is a Battlefield Analysis
General Meaning
Love is a Battlefield - Pat Benetar
Explicit Implicit
Sarah Lehnertz
Figurative Languange
Love is a Battlefield - Pat Benetar
I chose to analyze this song because I hear it all the time on the radio!
Annotated Lyrics
Love is a Battlefield -Love is very
challenging (like warfare) and there will be arguments, tricks, and
people will let you down
If your heart surrenders-
if you give up on this love

Hearts can't surrender!
This (((love))) will die-
this love will end and be done forever
Why do you hurt me so bad?
Why do you emotionally break me down, make me sad, and be mean?
I'm chained to your side
I'm stuck with you
"I'm chained to your side"
"chains" makes a connection of being
locked or stuck to something else

"Searching our hearts for so long"
"hearts" automatically comes to mind
to symbolize love. The couple in this
song are searching for love and kindness
in their relationship
"I'm chained to your side"
also instills an image of chains
and locks, and things that are permanantly, and most likely reluctantly, stuck together
Do I stand in your way?
Do I stop you from doing things you actually love?
Heartache to heartache we stand
we are both hurt sometimes

I think that what the artist is mainly saying that love is difficult, just like warfare and battleground.

When they say “we are strong”, this means that a couple always tries their best and endures ups and downs in a relationship.

When they say “will you turn me away”, this means will you ignore me and not pay attention to me anymore, or kick me out of your life.

Finally, this line, “I’m chained to your side” this means that a couple is together and is trying to or even being forced to stay together.

What do you think this song means? -----I think it means is very challenging (like war on a battlefield) and there will be arguments, tricks, and people being let down a lot.
1. Name an affect of love she pointed out:
a. this love may die
b. Is love mad?
c. Do I stand in ways of tacos?
2. What is she trying to prove?
b. love is very kind
c. love is a world war
3. Pretend you are the singer. How would YOU feel about your relationship?
a. I would say it's swell
b. I would say it can be pretty difficult at times
c. I would say love will always die eventually
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