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Talking to the Ceiling?

No description

Phil Cooke

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Talking to the Ceiling?

Finally What is Prayer?? Welcome Talking to the Ceiling? Prayer Series Image of God What is Prayer? Re-Imagining Prayer Finding God in All Things ...yes, even your Org Chem notes... So Jesus and Buddha Walk Into a Bar... Discovering Christian Contemplative Prayer Talking to the Ceiling? Re-Imagining Prayer Testing the Spirits Discernment as a Way of Life Who is God? God is Not Distant God is at the
of our Being We Have Direct
Access to God God is Seeking Us And what God isn't... Incarnation Finding God in All Things Indwelling Spirit Ground of Being Prayer is NOT about
changing God's Mind Prayer IS about letting
myself being changed Prayer is NOT about getting what I want Prayer IS about greater intimacy/connection with God and my truest self Prayer is NOT purely directed toward
the afterlife Prayer IS about
living more fully
in the present Prayer IS about surrendering control
to God Prayer is
NOT magic An intentional practice or way of being that makes us more aware of and connected to what is Ultimately Real (God). ...More Questions? Common Questions How do I know I'm not just talking to myself? Does God actually talk back in English?
If God really wants a relationship with me, why is prayer so hard?
If God is everywhere, why bother going to Mass?
I prayed for God to save my grandma and she died. Why bother?
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