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Elizabeth Cordon

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Thailand

Five helpful phrases:
Day 1
Itinerary Continued
Total Cost
The total cost of a 20 day trip to Thailand including airfare, meals and housing is 4,357.69$
By: Elizabeth Cordon

World Cultures- Calkins
February 23rd 2015
Political Map
Physical Map
Location in World
Thailand is located in the Eastern
and Northern Hemispheres.
Thailand is one of the many countries in the continent of Asia.
Absolute Location: 13.7500 N, 100.4833 E
People and culture
The population of Thailand is about 67 million.
The most common use of transportation is by boat, foot, bike, train, taxi, tuk tuk or motor bike. I will use tuk tuk, train, boat, and taxi.
Cultural Tips
What to do:
"Wai"- Its a gesture for greeting and thanking. Place hands together and bow
Do wear respectable clothes in temples
What NOT to do:
Do not point your foot at anybody, its a sign of disrespect.
Do not get involved with any type of drugs, you can get punished by lifetime in jail, or death.
Necessary Documentation
You will need a Tourist Visa (apply online - cost: $160)
Exchange Money- Process will take place in Thailand.
You will need a passport (get at USPS $110)
You also need your vaccinations to be updated (in the last 2 years)- go to your doctor for that.
Cold season-
November to February. Can get as cold as 40 and frost can develop, but mostly stays in the 60-75(F) range, just cooler than normal.
Hot season-
February to May. Some rain, 90-100(F).
Rainy season-
(Monsoon Season) May to October.Very rainy, will rain everyday in the season typically.
I would go between the cold and hot season (February) so its still warm, but not overly hot. I would definitely not go in monsoon season.
Thank you: (Kh-oon Pac-oon)
Where is the Bathroom?: (Hoong nam yu ting naiy)
Please: (Kah-roo-nah)
No: (Yah)
Yes: (Ch-iy)
Departure: February 9th
I will be spending the entire first day getting there in the planes.
Day Two
Eat breakfast
Take a taxi to the Grand Palace and walk around
Walk to Wat Pho and walk down to the Chao Phraya River
Eat at The Bei Otto Restraunt
Take a bus to Loftel 22 hostel in Bangkok (13min)
Day 3
Spend the day at the Bangkok art and culture centre
Dine at the roof restauraunt (Rooftop dining)
Take a taxi to Bangkok City Hotel
Day 4
Eat breakfast at the hotel
Take an all day (11hrs) train to Chiang Mai
Stay in the Secret Garden Bungalows
Day 6
Eat breakfast at the Bungalow
Take a Tuk Tuk to the Chiang Mai Zipline
Spend all day there
Days 12 and 13/14
Go elephant trekking
Go on a 2 day hiking trip with the Chiang Dao Trek
Days 15 and 16
Spend two days in hilltribe villages experiencing the culture and traditional foods.
Day 17
Day 18
Go to the floating markets
Experience the floating lantern festivals
Day 19
Bamboo Rafting trip and tour all day
Picnic lunch
Day 20
Going to the beach and camping
Pack my stuff up and get ready to go back
Day 20
Take a long flight back home.
Exchange Rate:
1 Thai Baht: $0.031
1 US$: 32.52 Thai Baht
What you can buy for a dollar
Milk (1 gallon)
12 eggs
1 pound of rice
Bus transportation: 20 Baht = $0.61
The population is mostly Thai, and the primary language is also Thai. The top practiced religion is Buddhism. Most people in Thailand are between the ages of 24 and 38.
Travel Warnings
Be careful of scams and pickpocketing
Be aware of food and drink spiking
Works Cited
Grand Palace
Wat Pho
Chao Phraya River
Daily Cost: $40
Daily Cost: $136
Art and Culture Centre
Roof Restraunt
Daily Cost: $34
Day 5
Take a taxi to the Pui National Park
Eat at the Baan Rai YamYen in the park
Stay in the Secret Garden Bungalows again
Spend 2 days at the Chaing Mai Elephant Nature Park
Day 7
Day 8
Meet the elephants
Play with the elephants
Total cost for both days: $20
Tour the park
Volunteer and help the park
Days 7 and 8
Traditional Thai Dishes
Pad Thai- Noodles with tofu, bean sprouts, onion, and peanuts.
Tom Yam Goong- Jumbo shrimp, mushrooms, lemongrass, and lime leaves.
Khao Man Gai- Chicken and rice
Day 9 I will go to Phuket Island
Day 10 I will go to Koh Samui
Day 11 I will go to Surat Thani
Surat Thani
Days 9, 10, and 11
Island hopping
Koh Samui
Phuket Island
Round trip Flight Cost: 2,795
I will stay in bungalows on the beach and eat seafood everyday
Day 15: Hike to a nearby waterfall and swim around there, have a picnic lunch and dinner
Day 16: Spend a day learning about the ancient culture and traditions of the people

Daily Cost: $25
3 day cost: $35
3 day cost: $ 175
Daily Cost: $20
Daily cost: $20
Daily Cost: $30
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