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SIOP - Chapter 4

Ricardo Gonzalez-Carriedo

on 11 February 2013

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Comprehensible input is making a message understandable for students (Krashen, 1985) Use gestures, body language, pictures, and objects to accompany speech.
Model processes, tasks, or assignments.
Preview material.
Allow alternative forms for students to express understanding
Use multimedia and other technologies.
Provide multiple exposures to words, concepts, and skills
Be brief
Use graphic organizers A Variety of Techniques
Feature 12 All students benefit from clear instructions for assignments and activities.
Give instructions:
Step-by-step, orally and in written form
Modeling, and
Showing a final product
Look at example p. 100 Clear Explanation of Academic Tasks
Feature 11
Ways to monitor classroom speech:
Use a slower rate of speech
Enunciate clearly
Paraphrase and repeat
Simplify sentence structures
Limit the use of idioms

Teacher's speech needs to depend on the linguistic abilities of the students. ADAPT! Appropriate Speech for Students’ Proficiency Levels
Feature 10 Speech refers to:
Rate and enunciation (how the teacher speaks)
Complexity of speech (what is said):
Level of vocabulary used
Complexity of sentence structure
Use of idioms
Examples of students responses (p. 98) Appropriate Speech for Students’ Proficiency Levels
Feature 10 Showing pictures is a way to do it but there is much more to it.
Other techniques are:
Speaking more slowly
Adding more repetition How do we do this? Teachers need to use specific techniques to provide students with comprehensible input.

Teachers must:
-Be aware of their students' language proficiency level
- Use the techniques consistently Background SIOP
Chapter 4
Comprehensible Input TEACHER 1: MR. DILLON

Analyze each teacher’s instruction via 3 features: Speech, Clear Explanation, Techniques 9TH GRADE: BUOYANCY Making speech comprehensible to students is about:
Adapting your instruction to the students' English proficiency level, and
Incorporating a variety of techniques, such as:
Appropriate Speech, and
Clear explanations of academic tasks Summary
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