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Civil Rights

No description

josue vazquez

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Civil Rights

Berea College Berea College's Lincoln Hall focuses on teaching Civil Rights to black and white students together. Intergration in Berea kept students segregated which benefitted no one, but the Supreme Court didn't want to desegregate the college. Black students were restricted from being able to learn in Berea, thus came the Brown VS. Board of Education. Frank M. Johnson Judge Johnson had the courage to outlaw city buses from being segregated. He took action by allowing African Americans to vote. All though he was only one person, he still desegragated the school for the good of the people. Civil Rights On Febuary 8, 1968, Orange South Carolina played an important role and in this confrontation three students were killed and 27 injured. In 1964, orangeburg All Star's manager, black leaders and members of white business community had trued to persuade All Star to desegregate.On February 7,8 b300 black students from South Carolina state and Claflin Colleges were arrested and beat with batons for not leaving the bowling alley. The confrontation between police and students were the most brutal in south Carolina's civil rights history. this was also the time when Martin Luther King Jr., was assassinated. By Christian Robert Hayling did two things: he organized campaigns to end segregated facilities and asked the white house to support the city's founding anniversary, but both efforts failed. After some demonstratians and strugles St. Augustine demonstrated that even the most closed communities could not up hold segregation in face of determined resistance. By Natazul Little Rock Highschool Struggled to desegregate there school it was severe and violent. After Brown vs Board of Education federal court oredered Little Rock to desegregate their school, nine African American students were sent to attend school there. Orval Faubus the governor of Little Rock refused to desegregate the school so president Eisenhower ordered the national gaurd to assist the nine to school everyday. The Little Rock nine finished the school school year out but the next year faubus refused to open any highschools so they were forced to go to out of state schools. The school board reopened the schools but only four of the nine returned. by Brittney Hall
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