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Childhood Obesity

No description

Gabriela Rodrigues

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity
Shaping the Future
To get started...
To wrap up...
Fast food

My name is Beatriz.
I'm from Brasilia, in Brazil.
For the last twelve years, since I had my first child, I've been working hardly to give my children healthier food.
We have blessed our children with a shorter lifespan than ours because of the food we give them.
I am here to start a small talk about food revolution that I believe in. We really need it.
Sadly, in the next five minutes when I talk to you, four people that are alive will be dead from the food they eat.
The statistics of bad health are very clear.
The statistics of bad health are very clear.
We spend our lives being paranoid about death, murder, homicide... But our big problem is the food we eat.
All of those in red are diet-related diseases. Diet-related disease is the biggest killer in the world. This is a global problem.
Two thirds of the world population is statistically overweight or obese.
Even smoking costs way less than obesity now. Obesity costs you 10% of your healthcare bills.
This is Brittany, age 16. She only has 6 more years to live because of the food she has eaten.
This is a normal family and no one was taught to cook.
Justin, 12 years old, is 350 pounds.
Katie, 4 years old, is obese before she gets to school.
Fast food has taken over the whole world.
Thirty years ago, most of the food we ate was fresh.
Also, how can you say something is low-fat when it's full of so much sugar?
School food is something that most kids have twice a day, 180 days of the year.
The food that kids eat at school every day is fast food. French fries are considered a vegetable for lunch and pizza is their breakfast.
We don't teach kids about food. Right? Do kids know anything about where food comes from?
By the way, every kid has the right to milk at school. So, kids will have 2 bottles every day.
But milk isn't good enough anymore, full of flavorings and colorings and sugar.
In one bottle of milk, the are four tablespoons of sugar. 2 bottles a day, 10 a week, 22 a month.
And in just five years of elementary school, they will eat this amount of sugar, just from milk.
The only way to stop this is having the "big food brands" put food education at the heart of their businesses.
It's also important to make sure every child leaves school knowing 10 recipes that will save their lives.
My wish is for you to help educate every child about food, to inspire families to cook more often.
Thank you!
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