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Can you imagine the world without numbers? - Rose

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Rose Hsiao

on 3 December 2015

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Transcript of Can you imagine the world without numbers? - Rose

imagine ?

Math lessons
Do you think that math lesson would still exist?
Without math lesson what would we do instead?

We probably would do something instead that human created, such as quotes lessons learning about quotes about explorers or even celebrities!

who knows? Our world is full of possibilities.
Measurements : weight and height
Without knowing weight and having a scale, you would not be able to know how heavy are you. You would not even know if your average weight in you age or not. Maybe it will cause you to think that you are healthy and you don't have to exercise.

Without knowing your height, you will not know if your growing too slow or too fast. You may probably think that you're the tallest and everyone is really short even if your not.
Measurements: length and width
Without having CM, M, MM, we would not have Taipei 101 and Eiffel tower! Humans would not even build it if it does not exist. But if they did, the architectures probably just randomly did a measurement and hope for the best for the building to stay up for as long as possible.
Scientist, pharmacist?
Scientist and pharmacist would not even have a job, they use math to do their job!

Scientist do investigation to know how humans works, how life works, how plants works. For example they use Algebra in their calculations. Biologist and chemist uses algebra to figure out how much of different compound to mix together in making their reaction.

Pharmacists uses math to count the amount of pills they create and also they have to use the right measurement to make the exact medicines they have to sell.
Without math, you would not use the size of clothing you're wearing. If you're going to make your own clothes you would not be able to know what measurements you should use to make a piece of cloth. If you're going to buy clothes, the clothes will not correctly fit on you.
Can you imagine the world without number?
Math games
Art & baking
In conclusion, I can not imagine the world without math. I don't think we will be able to do anything because everything nowadays relates to math. I don't think we can survive for long if we don't have them in our lives.
Our life objects are made out of shapes. what do you think our table will look like or cabinets? Maybe they would look like a splash of paint or even a look like a human lip because they don't have shapes!
Would we even have math games? Like poker cards and number puzzle games. What would connect four look like? what would they be called without the number
Art and baking uses measurements.

Art you have to measure how long or how short you want to draw or paint. Without Cm,mm,m would you even have art lessons? Maybe.. but without the measurements your drawings would be neat.

Baking uses measurements like cups, tablespoons, teaspoons. Without those, would we even have recipes to bake? Would we even remember how much to put in each time we're trying to use that recipe to bake?
Important thing is without numbers on money or even just numbers what would we do!

Without the 1,10,100,1000 NTD. What should we do? We won't be able to buy anything! Do we have to trade with other people to get supplies like back in the day? But till today, humans became greedy and we won't share. Meaning that we won't get what we want!

In the olden days people use to count sea-shells as money. BUT, without numbers we wouldn't even be able to count sea-shells because you wouldn't know how to count!
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