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Imote2 Sensor Networks

beginners look at initial sensor setup

Daron Holt

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Imote2 Sensor Networks

Imote Assembly Installation COMs Drivers Callibration
Sensor Board
Schematics X axis Y Axis Imote2 Sensor Project By Daron Holt Imote2 by Crossbow Technology PXA271 XScale® Processor at 13–416MHz
Wireless MMX DSP Coprocessor
Integrated 802.15.4 Radio
Multi-color Status Indicator LED
Integrated 2.4GHz Antenna
USB Client With On-board mini-B
http://www.xbow.com/Products/productdetails.aspx?sid=253 Different Types of Sensor boards Gateway Node Early Motes: Early Motes (UCB) focused mainly on low power (Mica, Mica2, Mica2 Dot)
8 bit micro-controllers (Atmega128L, 8 MHz)
4 KB of RAM
Low bandwidth radio (15 Kb/s, 300–900MHz)
Active processor power = 24mW
Sleep power = 45uW
Suitable for low data rate applications requiring only minimum data processing
Main board (ARM* core, SRAM, FLASH, BT radio)
Power supply board (battery, AC, solar, …)
Sensor board(s) are stackable
Other boards (alternate radio, debug, actuator, …) Low power architecture
32 bit PXA271 XScale processor
Preconfigured on-board software, anti aliasing, upgradable
32MB of RAM and 32 MB of Flash
integrated 802.15.4 radio with a built-in 2.4GHz antenna
extension board interfaces snap together for cameras, etc.
analog or digital interfaces
battery-board, USB power, alternate sources Current Imote Technology leaf Node computers Autocomm excel. . . Stackable Connectors WINDOW 1
AutoComm Software

Case Sensitive
Linux based WINDOW 2
Output File

Time stamped
delimited text file For each node you need to calibrate for . . . to solve for
a scale factor and offset factor for . . . Z Axis Acceleration
Scale = X -X X 1g 0g offset = X 0g X X ADC accel = (X -offset )/Scale X Ready Sensing Communicating X LED Responses 101000110100010100011101010110100101011010100101010110101010101000101010100101001010101001010101 kdjhesajkdhakjsdha
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