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Spartacus and his Accomplishments

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nicholas manno

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Spartacus and his Accomplishments

Spartacus and his Accomplishments
Information on Spartacus
Spartacus was a Thracian gladiator who was known for his slave revolt. He along with thousands of other slaves and gladiators marched up and down Italy to win dozens of battles against the Romans. In this Prezi you will be gaining knowledge of Spartacus' major accomplishments.
Spartacus' Slave Rebellion
As I stated in the previous slide, Spartacus led a massive slave rebellion with thousands of other slaves and gladiators. Spartacus did this action because he was tired of being a gladiator. Between fighting other gladiators and fighting animals and always trying to please the king and queen with his fighting skills, Spartacus knew that this wasn't right, and this wasn't how he wanted to be treated or remembered . This was a major accomplishment because Spartacus was able to lead and train thousands of inexperienced slaves to fight in many battles against the Romans, who were known to be one of the best armies around during this time period.
Training the Slaves
This fact stood out to me the most as someone who is an outstanding leader. Not only did Spartacus free himself and other gladiators, but he was also able to find the time to train the slaves who joined his army once they escaped. Spartacus was able to teach them how to fight and use the weapons properly. I definitely believe that this is one of Spartacus' best accomplishments because of the short time frame that he had to prepare the slaves for the many battles that they would fight against the Romans.
Where and When he Was Born, and His Death
Spartacus was born in 109 BCE in Thrace, Greece, and died in 71 BC in his last battle against the Romans.
Presentation By: Nicholas Manno and Jake Suskin
Why We Believe Spartacus Was So Successful
The reason I believe Spartacus was so successful was because of the gladiatorial school that he was put in. In this school I can assume that the teachers taught the gladiators different tactics and strategies that would help them succeed in the Colosseum battles. Once Spartacus escaped the gladiatorial school and freed himself along with the other gladiators, he was able to use these tactics that he learned and teach it to his fellow comrades. This is the reason I believe that Spartacus was so successful against the Romans.
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