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eBooks & Calibre

Information about different places to find free ebooks and the organizational program called Calibre.

Stacey Evans

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of eBooks & Calibre

eBooks & Calibre
Digital Resources
Where is it?
For Organization
Digital Content
Typical App Views
Check your local public library
Classics that have expired copyrights
Awesome interactive comics
Change any web page into a clean, readable document without ads or distractions
Great resources that went "bad"
This widget allows you to turn a website into an ePub document right on your computer
How to create your own ePubs
Free, Open Source Textbooks
Online conversion for documents
So now... what do we do
with all of these ePubs
For use on eReaders and Tablets
*There is an add-on that allows you to send it directly to a Kindle
Google Books
This is the interface between the library and your device
Adobe Digital Editions is necessary
for some devices
such as Sony Reader or first generation Nooks
Download the book to ADE, then "sideload" to the device.
The "Napster" of E-Books
Lots of Inappropriate Advertising and Content
Interactive Children's Stories
Compatible with Computers and Tablets that have Flash
Offers some free content for Kindle
(MOBI or AZW3 format only)
Offers Some Free Content for E-Readers and Tablets (ePub format only)
What if my library doesn't offer ebooks?
Sign up with your e-mail address and get free and discounted book recommendations everyday
Free Book Fridays!
So what if I want to create my own book?
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