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About the mysterious dissapearences and supernatural history of the bermuda triangle and area 51.

aselya brody

on 4 March 2011

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The Bermuda Triangle is an area in the raging rapids of the Atlantic ocean. It's points are known as Bermuda,San Juan and Puerto Rico. Many bizzare disappearances have been reported from that body of water and a number of people believe that the area has something to do with it. Many ships have gone missing going through this mysterious body of water. Approximately 46 ships have vanished with no trace of how or when it had happened. Did you know that even planes have gone down at this area? Well, about 61 planes have crashed in the last 30 years! There are not many survivors of the Bermuda Triangle but one is Bruce Gernon. He recalls flying to a nearby island and having a cloud shape like a funnel around the plane and all the navigation devices going haywire. They made it out just barely when they got a staticy message from a nearby radar tower. The Bermuda Triangle A ghost story of the Triangle is that two demon sisters control the area. One creates a whirlpool that ships are bound to get caught in and that leads to the sisters underwater prison while the other sister starts picking sailors one by one off the ship. What is the Bermuda Triangle? Lost Ships Lost Planes Survivors Myths 5 years ago, a man reported seeing the ghost ship of the U.S.S. Cyclops around the area of the Triangle. No one has ever seen the ghost ship since. Ghost Ships Flight 19 Flight 19 was a training flight made up of 5 U.S. bombers. All 14 airmen had disappered and the bombers as well. When people were sent to search the area their planes appeared to have exploded in midair. All of this happened while in the boundaries of the Triangle. Citations larry, kusche. (april, 6th 1998). the bermuda triangle mystery solved. By Aselya Sposato Dissapearances have been happening for over 60 years and nobody has proof that anything they think has happened really did.
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