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Lord of the Flies and Lost Concept Map

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Rebecca Cumming

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies and Lost Concept Map

Lord of the Flies and Lost Concept Map JACK CHARACTER TRAIT: ambition to hunt
LOST CHARACTER: John Locke Jack has the natural ability and desire to hunt for the boys on the island, just as John Locke does in Lost. Also, they are hunting the same wild beasts, Boars. CHARACTER TRAIT: natural leadership
LOST CHARACTER: Sayid/Jack Jack automatically feels as though he is a leader (like Jack automatically is in Lost), but because of a vote, Ralph ends up being the true leader of everything. I believe Jack plays the role of a secondary leader in Lord of the Flies, just as Sayid does. Sayid is not someone everyone comes to for help and advice, but he is someone that people turn to for one area of expertise. Sayid's happens to be technology, but Jack's happens to be hunting. CHARACTER TRAIT: use of the island
LOST CHARACTER: Jack I find that both Jack and Jack make use of the island, and are not so much concerned about getting rescued, than they are about surviving. Jack in Lost finds a cave place in the middle of the jungle with a fresh supply of water, he wants everyone to move there despite the less percentile chance of getting seen, rather than on the beach. Jack in Lord of the Flies lets the fire go out, the one thing that could get them rescued, to hunt for food, a necessity of surviving on the island, just as water is. CHARACTER TRAIT: agression, harsh personality
LOST CHARACTER: Sawyer Sawyer from Lost has a harsh personality. He doesn't care what anyone thinks and feels that he is right, always. He is very opinionated and definitely has agressive qualities as a man of this island. He seems to have settled into the island and has accepted his place on the island as a long-term home. All of these qualites I feel as though Jack has as well. CHARACTER TRAIT: grudge holding
LOST CHARACTER: Sawyer Sawyer holds an obvious grudge against Sayid for reasons only of selfishness. Jack does the same against Ralph for the selfish reason of leadership, that he can't be "the leader". PIGGY CHARACTER TRAIT: ineffective without leader
LOST CHARACTER: Hurley Hurley often is approaching Jack with ideas for approval and relying on him to make decisions and guide him in his actions. In Lord of the Flies, Piggy does the same to Ralph. As Ralph angrily asks Piggy why he did not get a list of names one day, Piggy cries indignantly, "How could I...all by myself?" (Golding ch.2) CHARACTER TRAIT: most rational
LOST CHARACTER: Kate CAHARCTER TRAIT: intelligent, innovative
LOST CHARACTER: Sayid CHARACTER TRAIT: sticks with leaders' beliefs
LOST CHARACTER: Sawyer Piggy stuck with Ralph's beliefs throughout the whole novel. He believed in keeping civilization alive, and frowned upon Jack's ways. He was a rational, realistic type of person that stuck with Ralph and his decisions, just as Kate does in Lost. Kate supports Jack's decisions, is realistic and reasonable about discussing important issues and frowns upon the agressive way people act, such as Sawyer. Sawyer is often the outsider in Lost, as he keeps to himself and doesn't join in with the group building moments in Lost. He comments on behalf of himself only and is pleased being on the outside. In Lord of the Flies, Piggy has moved to the outside of the boys' society and it is symbolized by "Piggy came and stood outside of the triangle" (Golding ch.5). Also, when Ralph's leadership has been taken by the savaged Jack, Piggy is constantly told to "shut up", often how Sawyer is. In Lost Sayid is the innovative thinker. He has ideas about getting of the island and is known on the island as the one to have intelligent, well thought-out ideas. In Lord of the Flies, Piggy is this guy. It is Piggy who finds the conch and suggests using it to call the boys for meetings. It is Piggy who suggests moving the fire to the beach and away from "the beast". "Only Piggy could have the intellectual daring to suggest moving the fire to the beach"(Golding ch.8). In Lost Kate acts maturely and rationally about serious issues, conflicts with other people on the island and she always believes in reason. Piggy is exactly this person in Lord of the Flies, he symbolizes the rational part of civilization. Piggy knows that building the shelters is of upmost importance of the boys survival (Golding ch.2). Piggy also states in the novel "How can you expect to be rescued if you don't put first things first and act proper?" (Golding ch.2). Works Cited Golding, William. Lord of the Flies. Educational Ed. ed. Boston: Faber and Faber, 1954. Print.
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