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What is the PSAT?

Fall of 2015 presentation for students at Perry High School to prepare them for the PSAT.

Luis Lacourt

on 23 September 2016

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Transcript of What is the PSAT?

Writing and Language Test
Why is the PSAT important?
The Math Test focuses in-depth on three essential areas of math:
Problem Solving and Data Analysis,
Heart of Algebra, and
Passport to Advanced Math.
1) Math
2) Evidence-Based Reading and Writing
What are we tested on?

The PSAT consists of 2 sections
(cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr
(cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr
The test takes about 3 hours to complete
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
The PSAT gives students an idea of what they would score on the actual SAT
Lets you see if there is a particular area that you need to focus on when preparing for the SAT
Same kinds of questions under conditions similar to those of SAT.
Students with high scores may become eligible for the national Merit Scholarship
equal free
It gives you an opportunity to find colleges that offer major courses of study that interest you.
gives colleges an opportunity to contact you as a qualified applicant
- calculator use is encouraged
Approved Calculators:
> four function calculator
> scientific calculator
> graphing calculator
one 35 minute writing section =
44 questions total
How is the PSAT Scored?
-You earn points for questions answered correctly.
47 multiple choice questions (70 minutes):
-these questions ask you to decide which is the best of four choices
-no penalty for guessing
How to Prepare for the "real" SAT
Long Term Preparation:
-Take a good selection of solid academic courses, read widely, and work hard at your studies.
NMSC uses the Selection Index score:
- reading
- mathematics
- writing

-initial screen of program entrants
-figures out who's eligible
National Merit Scholarship
What is the National Merit Scholarship and Road Map?
By taking the PSAT you qualify to be considered for the National Merit Scholarship!
-Questions not answered or answered incorrectly will not count against you but not count towards your total.
- No Penalty for guessing!
-Enroll in the most challenging courses you can handle in English, mathematics, science, social studies, foreign languages, and fine arts.
-Get involved in problem-solving activities through clubs, sports, hobbies, part-time jobs, etc.
-Utilize study material available on CollegeBoard.org to help you study for the SAT
Get better and faster!!!

-Take the practice test in the Official Student Guide to the PSAT/NMSQT
-Try sample questions from past tests.
Not Permitted:
> pocket organizer
> hand-held or laptop computer
> electronic writing pad or pen input device
> calculator with a QWERTY keypad
> calculator with paper tape
> calculator that makes noises or "talks"
> calculator that requires an outlet
Students who will take the SAT or may qualify for schollarship money!
October 14
You must register by:
solve problems in:
science, social science,
career scenarios, and other real-life situations.

The test sets up a scenario and asks several questions that give you the opportunity to dig in and model it mathematically.
PSAT will be scored on a scale between 320 and 1520.
Your PSAT score is meant to predict your SAT score. The new SAT will return to the 1600 scoring system
The PSAT scale doesn't go up to 1600 exactly since the SAT is a more difficult test than the PSAT.
1520 on the PSAT Predicts a 1600 on the SAT.
The Writing and Language Test
(44 Questions in 35 minutes)
ask you to:
correct errors,
they ask you to edit,
revise, and
improve texts from the humanities, history, social science, science, and career contexts.
47 questions 60 minutes
Reading and Writing section
includes questions on:
literary nonfiction,
charts, and

Focused is placed on passages like the ones students are likely to encounter in science, social science, and other majors and careers.

Math section = multistep applications
Class of 2017
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