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Marketing plan

No description

Haya Alsulaiti

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Marketing plan

Qatazon Online Mall Different items ALL AGES Both sexes All over the World The process HOW WHERE WHO WHEN 2 Sell Buy Payment Delivery THE WEBSITE PHONE APPS OUR OFFICE BUYER SELLER 24/7 S
eaknesses S
W Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities & Threats competition Regulatory Economic Social Technological Research 4) 53 people showed that they prefer in-person payments upon delivery, those people are the same who mentioned that they do not prefer online-payments. 2) The results showed that 81 people are willing to use the website for shopping. 1) 72 participants said that they need this type of website, while the rest which are 28 people, said that there is no need for such a market. 3) Among 100 people who were asked whether they prefer online payments or not, 53 people said that they do not prefer this type of payment and 47 said that they do. Marketing Strategy Development Target market: Positioning: Objectives: The target market is all of Qatar citizens who are 18 and above, users who are legally capable of controlling money transfers to use buy and sell from the website, both men and women. An online shopping market that offer a variety of products in terms of providing every available item that is available in Qatar local stores.
- Offering affordable prices for products that are lower than what is existed in the market.
We want our customers to have a unique and new shopping experience by giving them what they desire in one place. Increasing awareness among sellers and buyers about the new shopping experience.
Increasing number of customers by 40% within 2 years. Marketing Mix Product The products that will be offered in Qatazon are in the existing local market. Bringing to the website: clothing stores, jewelery stores, electronics, and e-book market. Then expanding to cover all of the stores in Qatar to satisfy the consumers’ needs. Prices Place Promotion The advertising will be through TV, newspapers advertisements, also through the stores that are offering their products in the website.
We will offer sales promotions in collaboration with stores that have contracts with Qatazon.
Done By: Haya Alsulaiti
Ammna Almannai
As'har Alkhateeb Thank you *There aren’t any two-way buyer-seller online websites of this sort in Qatar and that gives us leverage.
*Lack of websites with a variety of items like ours
*The only competitions are the Online Individual Merchants who have been popular for a long time
*The prices are almost the same because of the competition, so offering slightly lower price on the website is beneficial.
*The department of Consumer Protection provides a clear and easy guide to setting up a business.
*As a new company, finding proper offices for the employers is difficult since the property prices are continuing to rise.
*Online payments via Qatari banks are easier and safer than it has ever been
*Most of the transactions are by users of the website which provides the lowest rate of possible capital loss for the company.
*High costs for proper marketing as the company is new in the business and needs the help of other professional marketing companies.
*People are looking for this kind of company that provides all types of items in one place that is accessible at all times.
*Limited market target due to the age of the users. Most of the Qatari older people consider online shopping to be useless and prefer going to mall instead
*Easy-to-use, cutting edge, accessible at any time from any device website and apps, and that appeals to the younger generations.
*System slowing down can cause problems from on-going trades and money transfers.
*Old generation specially in Qatar, are not well-users of technology.
The purpose of our marketing research that was done by us is to collect some information needed in order to see how people will accept this new idea, and are they willing to be involved in Qatazon market.

The survey was distributed among 100 participants, and the results are shown below:
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