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The Future Now!

No description

Sara Rogers

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of The Future Now!

Current Financial Limitations
We incurred moving expenses:
Office and classroom renovations
Technology infrastructure incompatible for use
General maintenance
painting of entire facility
The Future Now!
5 Year Vision
Challenges to Overcome
September 2015-2016
September 2016-2017
September 2017-2018
September 2014-2015
September 2013-2014
Total debt paid off on Wisconsin Ave property
Complete The Future Now stewardship campaign
Conduct ministry evaluations
Expand lease by occupying day care
Plan for a daughter work or satellite church
Evaluate strategies to purchase new facilities
Establish think groups and brainstorming for high school resources
Implement multiple services or alternative locations for church services for existing property

Plan for daughter work or satellite church
Implementation of 9th grade high school
Establish resolution for the acquisition of current or new property
Evaluate current conditions for capacity

Launch daughter works and new preaching points
Plan and strategize for a new sanctuary
Purchase existing property/new property/ or modify existing lease for expansion

Overall Vision

• Set up to position ourselves for expansion to purchase the entire facility or another one GOD has for us!
• Leasing 52,000 sq. feet
• Purchase of the entire facility 104,000 sq. feet
• Bring the Gospel of JESUS Christ to souls of all ages and the community

Launch Future now campaign
Occupy new campus
Seeking to lease the Wisconsin Ave. property
Renovate new chapel
Renovate prayer room
Renovate school campus
Renovate new church offices
Begin mentorship program for 25 saints
Complete annual in house auditing for future property financing

Sell Wisconsin Ave. property
20,000 paid off for renovations investments
Implement mentoring and ministry evaluations for the multiplication of 50 people
Plan and Prepare for day care program and staffing
Implement evangelism and growth strategies
Expand lease by occupying gym
Plan and strategize expansion for high school
Evaluate and strategize church sanctuary capacity

Purchase or renovate new property that will meet our criteria

Support of "The Future Now" Vision plan

Past Limitations
Electrical Work
phone system
electrical problems
Limited Sound Equipment
Beautification (lacks first impression)
Carpeting (upstairs outdated and worn out)
Chairs for sanctuary (purchase more chairs)
Bathrooms (need to look more welcoming to visitors)
Furnishing and supplies for children church
Furnishing for prayer room

Present Limitations
Future Limitations
Sell Wisconsin Avenue property to use funds for renovation/expansion of new property

Sanctuary capacity
Worship space
Limited space for expansion
Limitations to launch preaching point/daughter works
Inadequate parking
Inadequate sound system
Lacks good first impression
Praise team/pulpit area insufficient
School and church did not function symbiotically

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