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treasure island book report


Abinidai E.

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of treasure island book report

By Robert Louis Stevenson Treasure Island Characters:
Jim Hawkins
Dr. Livesey
Long John Silver
Captain Smollett The smell of death and
dying was all around
me. page: 175 I found a
in my
book. Jim Hawkins lives in the Admiral Benbow inn. That is where his dad and mom work. One day Jim meets a strange man who calls himself the "Captain." He has a scar down his right eye to his cheek. Could he be a real life pirate? He tells him to beware of a strange one legged man. "Captain" grows ill and had a stroke. He dies. Jim finds a key to a chest around the dead man's neck. he opens the chest with the key and finds a treasure map! He runs out to find his friend Dr. Livesey. He tells him about the map. The doctor tells Jim he will find a ship to find the treasure. They find a ship commanded by Captain Smollet and Long John Silver. He has one leg and Jim thinks nothing of it. Long John says he found a willing crew and they set of on the Hisponia. Once started Jim went in kitchen to get an apple and accedentilly falls into the barrel. Then he sees Long John talking to a member of the crew. From his spot in the barrel heard them planning mutiny! He tells the captain of the ship. He is not suprised he has been suspecting it from the start. Once they reach treasure island the mutiny starts and Long John sets out to find the treasure for himself. Jim is right behind. Will Jim find it before Long John does? Find out by reading this book. SUMMARY This book was not one of my favorites. It was borring to me. The genre of my book
was historical fiction/classic The setting of this book takes place in 1600's. When pirates owned the sea. There has been two movies based on the book. I reccomend this book to Rhys Trost. Thanks for watching
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