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Let's make money

No description

Fabricio Balderas

on 31 October 2016

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Transcript of Let's make money

Let's make money
Fabricio Balderas Láriz A01177112
Yousef Fraige Miller A01176944
Hector Hernandez A01114626
Globalization has been proven to be good for the world, as it lowers the cost of goods and services, keeping inflation under control.
-Deregulating the controls over the Banks

-Free movement of money throughout countries

-Bring down tax revenues so states don’t intervene.

-Privatize interest

Modern Slavery
-When worker are forced to work in poor condition and under minimum wages, without protest due to their economic situations.
To follow the strategies and concepts of the western world. (USA)
1. Trickle Down Economy
: Giving more opportunity to the higher people in the economic chain so more “drops of money” can fall onto the poor.

2. Zero Sum Game:
Where the balance of the economy after certain periods and transfers is +- 0.

o Minimum Salary in MTY: 72 pesos

o Average Salary in MTY per month: $6,000 - $8,000

o Margaret Thatcher was a UK Prime Minister for 11 years

-We trust too much in the banks.

- Government benefits from companies hiring more workers as more taxes are paid.

-The USA subsidize their cotton to avoid other countries to import cotton to their own country so they protect themselves.

Neo-liberal thinkers believe that it is best to buy when it is blood on streets, due to violence making products cheaper, a cynical thought.
-When people have to keep paying their life long debts
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