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Which Cheese Molds The Fastest?

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Brandi DeRemer

on 5 January 2016

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Transcript of Which Cheese Molds The Fastest?

Which Cheese Molds The Fastest?
What I will change or vary (independant variable) : the type of cheese that is used. I will collect the data by observing and recording my results. Dependant Variable: the rate that the cheese molds.
Which Cheese Molds The Fastest?
By : Kendyl Blanton
STEM Project 5th grade Ches Branch
Which Cheese Molds The Fastest
While Un-refrigerated?
* 2 slices of Sharp natural Cheddar Cheese
* 2 slices of processed American Cheese
*Cabinet to store the cheeses during the experiment
I will get two different types of cheese ( sharp cheddar and american). I will take a slice of each cheese and place on a plate. I will then place the plate in a dark cabinet and leave uncovered for a week. After a week I will check the cheeses to see which one molded the fastest. I will then repeat the experiment again to see if I get the same results.
If I keep the cheeses out of the fridge uncovered then, the Cheddar will mold faster than the American cheese because, the Cheddar is less processed than the American Cheese and, having less preservatives will cause the Cheddar to mold at a faster rate than the American.
During my experiement I wanted to see which type of cheese would mold the fastest while not kept in the refidgerator. My prediction was that the cheddar would mold faster than the american because the cheddar is not as processed as the american. During all 2 trials the cheddar molded the fastest. Each trial lasted a week. The data in my experiment supported my hypothesis.
In the beginning of my experiment I wanted to see which cheese, if left un-refridgerated would mold the fastest. I picked Sharp Natural Cheddar and American Cheese as the ones I would test during my experiment. I believed that the Cheddar would mold the fastest and during both trials it was the Cheddar that molded the fastest. I believe the Cheddar molded the fastest because it is less processed than the sliced American cheese. If I did this experiment again I would use different foods to see which one molds faster.
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