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Fort Recovery Monument Samantha

No description

Cindy Moorman

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Fort Recovery Monument Samantha

Fort Recovery Monument

Prezi by: Samantha Work began in early 1912. It was dedicated on July 1st, 1913 (the 119th anniversary of the battle of Fort Recovery). There is approximately 800 tons of material in the monument. It is 104' 4" tall. The monument cost $23,700. It was thought to be designed by William B. Van Amringe. There are two bases between the terrace platform and the base of the granite shaft proper. In 1908, President William Howard Taft signed a bill authorizing the erection of a monument on the battlefield of Fort Recovery honoring the soldiers of General Arthur St. Clair's and General Anthony Wayne's armies. The heroic, 9' in height, frontiersman with his musket in one hand and his coonskin cap in the other, typical of the volunteer heroes who accompanied the expeditions, stands at the west side of the monument. On a series of 32 medallions, 22" in diameter, eight on each side of the base, are carved the names of officers who were slain in the two battles. If you want more information or to visit the monument



Visit: 1 Fort Site Street
Fort Recovery OH, 45846
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