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The Great Chicago Fire

No description

Brianna McLaughlin

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of The Great Chicago Fire

The Great Chicago Fire
Chicago - the fastest growing city in the western world
The Series of Unfortunate Events
dry summer

wooden buildings, roads, & streets

smaller fire the day before
- insufficient amount of firemen
- tired from fire
- damaged materials
- almost destroyed all water sources
October 8, 1871
The Chicago fire is an important day in American history, and has had a strong impact on development of the Western World.
Brianna McLaughlin

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important stop on the American railway system

economy was booming because of the production & distribution of raw materials

fire halted all growth
Daniel Sullivan
People began pointing fingers at Sullivan after his trial

What he claimed he saw, & what he actually saw

His inability to run

the cow
The aftermath of the disaster
2000 acres destroyed

$222 million of destruction

Fire burnt down one third of Chicago

Left 100, 000 homeless

200 to 300 dead

Tonnes of generous donations
Impact on America & the Western World

Infrastructure and building code


Awareness brought to fires
The Chicago Fire resulted in destruction, growth, and a tremendous footprint in Western history
21st Century Impact
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