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Mary Le

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of EPILEPSY

Epilepsy and
The Brain
Causes of
Who First Discovered Epilepsy?
Causes of
By Hayley Houdeshell, Uyen Le,
Uyen Nguyen, Kevin Nim
Period 3
Epilepsy is a brain disorder.
Epilepsy affects the brain
Epilepsy and
The Brain
Brain is the "control center" of our body.
Brain uses electrical signals.
A specific cause is never found.
Anything disrupts the brain can cause epilepsy
Some cases are caused as a result of the genes you inherit from your parents
Earliest mention begins with the Babylonians.
Hippocrates was the first person to think epilepsy starts in the brain
Who First Discovered Epilepsy?
Dr. John Hughlings Jackson was the first person who understood what epilepsy was.

What Are Signs and Symptoms?
Signs and Symptoms
What Are Treatments?
The most common one is taking anti-seizure drugs.
Brain surgery is another treatment.
What Are Treatments?
Other treatments include: Relaxing therapy, counseling with doctors, non-drug treatment such as "vagus nerve stimulation"
Vagus nerve stimulation: a procedure that stimulates the vagus nerve with electrical impulses
Works Cited
Rhythmic movements followed by deep and noisy breathes
strange sensations
People feel confused, anxious, or depressed.

They have feelings of isolation
uncontrolled jerky movements
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