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Anti-Bullying Campaign

No description

Bullying Project

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Anti-Bullying Campaign

Hannah Arredondo
Alyssa Garcia
Tanner Trilles
Matt Rhodus Be The Change You Wish To See In The World Be The Change Y O U Wish To
See In The World MONDAY J E R S E Y D R E S S D A Y Anti-Bullying Rally After Second Period! Be smart, don't start. Wear sunglasses to"shade out" bullying! Tuesday v e r b a l b u l l y i n g Short film contest about Verbal Bullying Wednesday PHYSICAL BULLYING Wear your favorite tie to tie up bullying! Link Crew Leaders introduce physical bullying video Help, don't hurt t h u r s d a y Social Bullying Bullies tear down,
Friends build up Wear your favorite friendship bracelet! Link crew leaders will lead games
such as telephone and headbandz. CYBER BULLYING F R I D A Y Think before you type. peace day Educate students on the general topic of bullying
Teach students how to identify, and help anyone being bullied. We must be the change
we wish to see. -Gandhi Students may... Tell an adult when they or
someone they know of is
being bullied. With these in mind, students can remember that we are all equal, and no one deserves to be bullied. All images used were
found through Google
Images. C R E D I T Some slogans used were from:
http://www.thinkslogans.com/slogans/school-slogans/anti-bully-slogans/ Link Crew leaders will lead a role play exercise during intervention.
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