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Hit Squad 4 briefing


Christian Hartmann

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Hit Squad 4 briefing

Hit Squad Four Hunting down
clients we want to
work with
Hit squad re-cap Previously Hit Squads have
been about coming up with
creative ideas that help us get a meeting.
These have generally been DM
Hit Squad 4 is
going to be a
bit different
The objective remains the same Start fires with prospects

The target changes - Categories
This year we decided to focus on ‘categories’ we want to work with rather than individual brands
We felt that this focus will allow us to ‘sweat’ thinking across other brands in the categories

Within each category is a ‘hero’…a brand we would be most excited to work with
Online Brands
Finance The Brief Find something interesting to say that helps us
get a first meeting

This might be:
- A revelation about the audience
- A thought leadership piece
- A POV about the brand/category/their role in the
wider world

This is about content over execution
Prizes for best thinking The Teams Daniela Ceresa
Darapen Vongsa-Nga
Rachel Paod
Jane Cantellow
Dominika Blachnicka
Sarah Galea
James Griffiths
Tom Callard
Gareth Ellis
Pia Knight
Geeta Sanker
Andy Bell
Lizzie Murphy
Giovanni Vocale
Alexa Wolff
Leigh Thomas
Faraaz Marghoob
Mo Lishomwa
Romans Dobzanskis
Louisa Kennedy, Esra Ilgin, Jesper Lonnqvist, Joakim Hutchinson-Ka, William Misselbrook
Rebecca Clarke
Jonathan Earles
Michelle Greenhalgh
Jason Lonsdale
Ilana Einfeld
Goldie Robbens, Marine Lacoudree, Peter Lovatt Tom Gibson, Josephine Forel, Laura, Mueller Martin
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