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Joseph Howe

who is Joseph Howe? what's so special he did during his life?......

Naya Noureddin

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Joseph Howe

Joseph Howe His early life Joseph Howe, a journalist, politician, and a premier of Nova Scotia was born on Dec.13, 1804 at the Northwest Army in Halifax. He is the son of John Howe and Mary Edes. Joseph Howe was of a loyalist family connected to printing. At the age of 13, Howe was already assisting his father in his duties as postmaster general and king's printer. In December 1827, Howe took over "The Novascotian" from George R. young and soon made it the most influential newspaper in the province.
Joseph Howe married Catherine Susan Ann McNab on Feb,2,1828. Between 1829-1849 they had 10 children: only 5 lived to become adults. What was special about Joseph Howe? Joseph Howe is against the British North American Colonies joining together to form a federal union (Confederation), that is why he did not participate in the Conferences of Confederation.
WHY?- He believes Nova Scotians have closer trade ties with Great Britain and even the United States then they do with the other colonies in British North American.
Howe helped Nova Scotia become the first British colony to win responsible government in 1848. So, Who is Joseph Howe!? He was a premier of Nova Scotia from 1860-1863. Joseph Howe tried to get the governments of Nova Scotia, the united province of Canada, and Great Britain to co-operate in building a railway from Halifax to Quebec in the 1850s. This idea failed.
He was also Nova Scotia's imperial fisheries commissioner from 1863-1866.
In 1866, Howe resigned his position with the fisheries department to lead Nova Scotia's opposition to Confederation. Joseph Howe died on June,1,1873, at the age of 69.
Joseph Howe become the most prominent reformer in the Atlantic Region. He is one of Nova Scotia's greatest and best loved politicians. Creative Slide Did you know that there is a school called Joseph Howe senior public school located in Toronto. This is only for Gr.7 and Gr.8 students.
For their graduation trip, the Gr.8 students go to Nova Scotia (which is where Joseph Howe lived). There is also a street called Joseph Howe Drive. We would like to take you on a tour of this big, busy street. Work cited: - There stories, Our history. (New history Textbook)
- Canada and Revisited (Old history textbook)
- www.biographi.ca
-www.bluepete.com Thank You!!! Pictures
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