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Suzhou Pre-Orientation Module

No description

Amanda Nagele

on 4 December 2018

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Transcript of Suzhou Pre-Orientation Module

Campus Life
Daily Life
You have reached the end of the Suzhou Pre-Orientation Module!

We hope that this information is useful for you and thank you for your attention!

The Suzhou and International Office Teams
Suzhou Pre-Orientation Module
A Suzhou Student Guide to:
Campus & Daily Life
Student Expectations
Important Student Reminders

Suzhou campus is located in Dushu Lake Higher Education Town. This is a student district where you will find over 28 international and Chinese universities and 75,000 students
Sports & Recreation
Student Organizations
Suzhou Campus provides essential support for collaborative student work. This includes: knowledge center for group work, computer and printing facilities, and room reservations for interviews
Suzhou City Overview
Suzhou is a historic city which dates more than 2500 years. In the city, you will find a unique mix of old and new. Many people find this contrast very interesting in regard to lifestyle and urban landscape.
Campus Overview
Study & Research
On campus, students will have access to a large gym facility which includes a soccer pitch, badminton courts, swimming pool, indoor mountain climbing.
Students are also encouraged to join sports teams and participate in local sports tournaments.
Currently there are 5 student associations on Suzhou campus, HOPE (Suzhou), THE SHOP, Bureau of Sports , Happiness association, and SKAPE association.
A Briefing Session about student Activity & Association would be arranged during the Orientation Week.
Interested in learning more, please contact Jason KIM (Student life supervisor), email: jason.kim@skema.edu

Culture Shock
Academic Success
Professional Projects
Social Life
Everyone experiences some level of culture shock when they live and work in a different country. The key to handling culture shock in a positive way is to better understand the similarities and differences you can expect to encounter before you arrive.
What are the professors like?
How is Suzhou campus different from other SKEMA campuses?
What should I expect at SKEMA Suzhou?
Suzhou campus provides extensive services and resources to support your professional projects. This includes: career workshops, internship opportunities, company visits & forums, support for internship visa formalities
As there are a number of universities located around the Suzhou campus, you will have plenty of opportunities to meet and interact with local students in the area.
Practical Matters
Getting Around
Mobile Phone
What is the food like?
Is it necessary to speak Chinese every day?
What other important things do I need to know in advance?
Green Bikes: You will find Green bikes around campus and the residence area which are free of charge

Taxi: Taxis are generally less expensive than in other countries (like France) and are very convenient to use to get around. For under 50 RMB (8€) you will be able to get to
most key locations like downtown area and shopping centers

Public Transportation: There is an extensive public bus system with the nearest bus stop just across the street from SKEMA
Food & Dining
Food Court: There is a local food court near campus which provides a variety of choices from Chinese to western food

Fresh Food Market: Around campus you will find markets as well as fruit shops

Restaurants: Many good restaurants are located on campus as well as in a large shopping center about 30 minutes from campus (by public bus)
Telecom companies: The two biggest telecom operators in China are China Mobile and China Unicom. Both stores are near Wenxin Plaza which is 5 minutes walk from SKEMA campus.

Tips: For frequent internet users, be sure to pay attention to the monthly package offered to students (in general, 1GB or 2GB internet)
Public security and safety is well-established in Suzhou. Especially in Dushu Lake, there is 24h/24h police patrol.

SKEMA Suzhou Campus offers an emergency phone line for students: 156 062 08226 (24h/day, 7days/week)

Tips: In case of emergency, contact SKEMA first
We hope you are excited for your studies in Suzhou!

Make sure you download the Suzhou Survival Guide from the YEP or Welcome Pack for a quick reference to help you settle in during your first few days in Suzhou.

For instance, where to shop? where to eat? how to get around?
Important Information about Orientation Week:

Welcome Program starts on August 21, 2018 (for all programs)

Orientation begins with a breakfast & registration from 10am @ XJL Hotel Lobby.

This will be followed by a welcome presentation from the directors of SKEMA Suzhou campus.

Special Notice: The Suzhou team will arrange a city tour for students to visit the historical old town of Suzhou

Visa & Housing Questions
How do I pay for my apartment?

Please consult the Suzhou Housing Guide on the YEP or Welcome Pack for complete details on what you will need to pay, when, and how

Can I leave and re-enter China during my semester?

If you have the visa X2, your visa is for one entry into China only. Therefore, as soon as you leave the country, your visa is no longer valid and you will not be able to return with this visa.

If you have the visa X1, your visa is for one entry in China only. However, you are required to request the Chinese residence permit within the first 30 days you are in China. Once you have the Chinese residence permit, you may leave and re-enter China because the permit is a multi-entry permit.
Additional Resources
We highly recommend these useful phone apps to help you with transportation, communication, and reservations in China

CTRIP: Online booking app (in English) which allow reservations for buses, trains, planes, and hotels

WECHAT: A must-have phone app in China. You can text, video call, and twitter

DIDI TAXI: Uber China (save up to 40% compared to city taxi)
Orientation Week:
August 21-24, 2018
(for all programs)

Notice for all students: Once you arrive in Suzhou, you have 24 hours to go to the local police station to do your Temporary Residence Registration
Final Notes
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