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Achike Family Analysis

No description

Will Tasman

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Achike Family Analysis

Achike Family Kambili's Personality Kambili is a shy but intelligent teenage girl who is also the narrator of the book. She is good at heart and a very astute student, but she comes across to her peers as snobby and socially inept due to her timidness. "You know she started calling you backyard snob because you don't talk to anybody."(51) Kambili Behavior Kambili is ,originally, well behaved girl under Eugene's rule in the house. However, as the novel progresses, and Kambili begins to taste more and more freedom from of Eugene's authoritarian zealotry, she gradually begins to defy him more and more. Kambili and Catholicism Kambili and Igbo Originally, all Kambili truly knows about the Igbo culture is from Eugene and his constant derision of it. She led to believe that it is a heathen faith and that the whole culture is undesirable. While she originally holds these beliefs, she becomes more accepting of the Igbo culture after her encounters with Papa-Nnukwu and her visits to Nsukka. Kambili Visual Representation/Question Are Kambili's personal experiences parallel to that of Adichie's? Jaja's Personality Jaja is rebellious because he tries to free himself from Papa's authority and enforcement of Christianity in their household. This is most evidenced near the beginning of Purple Hibiscus. "At least he was saying thanks the right way, the way we always did after a meal. But he was also doing what we never did: he was leaving the table before Papa had said the prayer after meals." (14) Jaja's Behavior "This morning," Jaja said."He died in his sleep"(190).
This passage shows Jaja's concise behavior in a single line. He is a very questioning and straight-forward character who seems to think above everyone else. Jaja on Igbo "Ifeoma did not have the sense to call a priest before he died..." "Maybe he didn't want to convert"(191).
This is Jaja sticking to what he believes. He is more lenient of religion, like Aunty Ifeoma rather than Papa E. He sticks up for himself as well as others regardless of the consequences. Jaja on Christianity (and Papa) "If being with Papa-Nnukwu had made Jaja evil, had made us evil"(192).
This shows Jaja's leadership side. He is the only one in the family who is will to stand up against Papa and thus Catholicism. This once again shows him standing up for what he believes for the benefit of others and sometimes himself. Jaja Personality "That's a hibiscus, isn't it, Aunty"(128).
This scene is full of Jaja question simple things. This is directly related to his personality. He is curious and open to change and new ideas, but these ideas that he believes, he will enforce. He may have gotten this devotion from Papa, who enforces his radical version of Catholicism. Beatice Personality "Nne, Kambili. Thank God!" Mama stood up and pressed her hand to my forhead, then her face to mine. "Thank God. Thank God you are awake"(211)
This shows how Mama is loving and passionate towards her children, but she is powerless under Papa's rule. Words are the only way she can express her feeling for her children. Beatrice Behavior Quote Mama started at the lowest layer polishing bother the shelf and the figurines. I sat down on the leather sofa closest to her, close enought to reach out and straighten her wrapper.
"Nne, this is your study time. Go upstairs," She said. "I want to stary here."
She slowly ran the cloth over a figurine, one of its matchstick-size legs raised high in the air, before she spoke."Nne, go." Beatrice on Religion "I am her wife, too, because I am your father's wife. It shows that she accepts me"(73). This is an example of Mama identifying with both Catholicism and traditionalism. She simultaneously affiliates herself with both Papa, who symbolizes Catholicism, as well as Aunty Ifeoma who symbolizes traditionalism and acceptance. Beatrice visual Eugene's Personality Papa is a strict father and a devout Catholic who expects only the best from his family. He shows minimal respect to his family and expects copious respect in return. "Why do you think I work so hard to give you and Jaja the best? You have to do something with all these privileges. Because God has given you much, he expects much from you. He expects perfection."(47) Eugene 's Behavior Eugene Catholicism Quote Yewande stood up and knelt before Papa. "Thank you, sir," she said. "Thank you for everything. If we had not gone to the hospital abroad, what would have become of my daughter?" "Get up, Yewande," Papa said. "It is God. It is all from God." Eugene and the Igbo Language/Religion Based on his dialogue in the book, Eugene appears to hold contempt for the Igbo language. He almost always speaks in English because that was the way he was brought up at St. Gregory's. Whenever he speaks in Igbo, it is when he is angry and usually the words tend to come out of his mouth unwillingly. An example of this can be found when during the beginning of the book where Kambili explains to the reader Papa's attitude toward the language. "... he asked entirely in Igbo. A bad sign He hardly spoke Igbo, and although Jaja and I spoke it with Mama at home, he did not like us to speak it in public. We had to sound civilized in public, he told us; we had to speak English."(13) Visual Representation Eugene is known as an honorable man outside of the Achike household but, behind closed doors he is frequently abusive towards Kambili, Jaja, and Beatrice. "He started to kick me. The metal buckles on his slippers stung like bites from giant mosquitoes." Why does Eugene choose to manipulate the teachings of Christianity? Kambili is raised as a devout Catholic under her father, going to Church regularly and participating in the various sacraments.
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