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Galactik Football


Dogioiu Florin

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Galactik Football

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Micro Ice -
Is the funniest player wears jersey number 3 on Micro-Ice was also the first player Aarch discovered when he returned to Akilian and is the first to discover that Aarch hiding in abandoned tower. It was also the first player to be chosen in holotrainer voluntary Clamp mijlocaş.A then was elected the first player of the 8 original and originally of Children Snow was left up. It was moved to the forward position after Sinedd was given afară.Cu However he only his mother survived after being hit by Meta-Flux at birth and therefore suffered a disease caused by the Meta-Flux but he has not asked tatăl.Aarch never knew if it was the first time in team Blackbones Pirate Sonny D'Jok's father but it seems to Micro-Ice was considered a joke.

D'Jok D'Jok - the captain wearing the number 9 shirt though Rocket would become captain but there was a time and have some quality bune.Şi Captain D'Jok is a tragedy for his birth mother died after rescued D'Jok from his natural father is really incendiu.Însă Blackbones Sonny has a relationship with my in my first two seasons after season 3 gets to play and loves Shadows Sinedd, adoptive mother is Maya. Rocket Rocket - Children team is really Captain Snow bears the number 5 on his shirt norator father was a great team player but after Snow Children was covered by ice stadium Akilian he had a leg injury and currently handles Kira.Tatăl flowers with his mother never gave him permission to play football this reason he does not hurt anything, is what was in season 2 to be suspended temporarily League led her Tia in Genesis forest without his consent Aarch Netherball.Însă he went to play more matches in the arena after being defeated by Tia him returning to the team and season 3 is regained căpitan.Din Snow Children coach because Aarch was very old. Tia Mei -
Mei - wearing the number 7 shirt is very good friends with Tia doing shopping together in season 3 my play Shadows and for this reason alone is with D'Jok.

Mark Mark - wearing the number 6 shirt is what would be called emergency Aarch Rocket after being suspended temporarily.
Galactik Football est une série télévisée d'animation française, co-produit par Alphanim, France 2, Jetix Europe et Welkin-Animation. La troisième saison a commencé à diffuser sur les territoires européens en Juin 2010.
Dans l'univers de Galactik Football, Galaxy Zaelion personnes mondes sont dans une compétition d'un sport comme le football, appelé football galactique, le sport est compliquée par l'ajout de flux, ce qui améliore les attributs d'un joueur, comme la vitesse, l'agilité et la puissance ou de transmettre des compétences particulières telles que la téléportation. L'histoire suit le destin d'une équipe inexpérimentée, "Snow Kids", car elles visent à remporter la Coupe de football galactique. Tia - wearing the number 4 shirt is one of the best throwers in the gate like mine too
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