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Pazey Y

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By: Pazey All About Me Birth I was born on May 21st in the year in Olmsted
Medical Hospital here in Rochester, Minnesota. Schools I went to 3 different elementary schools. They were
Riverside, Elton Hills, and Pinewood.

Family I have a family that consists of 14 with 7 brothers
and 5 sisters making 12 siblings. My family is larger
now if you include my in-laws and nieces and nephews. Pets We only have aquarium pets. Such as fish and
turtles. Hobbies: I enjoy a variety of things such as traditional art, gaming, reading, writing, martial arts, badminton, role-playing, sleeping. Favorite Foods I love papaya salad, kapoon, pho,
and won ton soup. Favorite Band and Musician and Song There are too many, but my favorite band is 'Supercell': A J-pop band (but I also enjoy classic, VOCALOID and UTAUloid music which derives from a synthesized software and visual kei rock bands). My favorite musician is Kenny G. My favorite song is "Stay in my memory" by Bim. Favorite Movie My favorite movie would be IP Man starring Donnie Yen because it's full of action and follows a very touching storyline. Dream Career My dream career at the moment would be to become an astrophysicist although I also take an interest in biochemistry and organic chemistry. College I would like to get into Harvard but I want to go to UC Berkely. Dream Vacation A would love to spend time on Miyajima Island in Japan. My Hero My hero -speaking of this time period in my life- would be a close friend and one of my sibling-in-laws, Maria Xiong who always keeps me on track and someone who I depend on deeply. Although she lives 1.5 hours away up in the cities, we still keep in close contact.
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