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John Lee Love

No description

darlene anderson

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of John Lee Love

He was married to jackelyn p love. they had no kids. They live in the fall river.
Carpenter-a person who builds or repairs wooden structures, as houses, scaffolds, or shelving.

1895- John Lee Love was a carpenter in Fall River, Massachusetts, who invented several devices.
1897- Lee patented a lightweight plasterer's hawk.
1931- Lee died in a car and train collision in North Carolina on December 26

Early Life
John lee love was born in river fall Massachusetts in 1889, also I know his parents died in a car crash on December 26,1931.
Later life
He live in the fall river. there life was good. He died on December 26,1931 in north Carolina with 6 other people in a car- train crash. they are remembered well known. Also In 1897, John Lee Love received a patent for his portable pencil sharpener, dubbed the "Love Sharpener."
John Lee Love
He had a horrible childhood,they live in the fall river, he went to school at Harvard university. Also Love worked as a carpenter in the community of Fall River, Massachusetts. He applied for a patent for a portable pencil sharpener in 1897.
life in their hometown was terrifying because they live in the ghetto. they felt they had to move.
My feelings about the person
I think this person was a good inspired on little kids, i find him interesting. I think the most important thing they did was invented the pencil sharpener because we wouldn't be able to write for that love if it wasn't for john lee love.


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