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Is this for Real?!

Authenticating Online Information: a middle school lesson designed to teach students how to distinguish hoax websites from real websites

Nicole Zumpano

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Is this for Real?!

Where does the information come from?

Where can I find out more about who created this site?
Is this for Real?!
How to tell if a website is real or a hoax
Who Remembers this?
So what do you think?
Is everything on the Internet true?
#3 Research and Information Fluency
#5 Digital Citizenship
Reasons for Websites
sell stuff
So how do you tell
if a website is real or not?!
Look at the following sites:

Write down 3 things that make you think
they are real or fake sites.
When you are finished, we'll take a vote.
Let's Take a Vote!
Logon to edline to complete form.
And the Answer is.......
both are hoax sites!
So what now?!
Be a critical "consumer"
The 5 "W's" of Website Evaluation
Who created the site? Does it say?
Is there a way to
contact the author?
Is the author an expert?
Does the author list a purpose for the site?
What information is on this site?
Is it the same information as other sites?
When was the site created?
When was the site last updated?
Why should I use this information

Why is this source better than another?
Is there an "about us" page?
Who is the intended audience?
What 'opinion words' are used?
(always, never, best, worst, all, etc.)
What is the tone? Is it serious? funny?
Where is the site located (what domain*?)
*more on this later
Other things to consider....
Decoding a URL
What's the domain?
Limited domains
Open domains
So which of these are the most reliable
for having factual information?
Question Everything
Does the design look professional?
Are there spelling or grammar mistakes?
Are there broken links?
Are there any advertisements?
What type of images are used?
Keep Questioning
Link:put URL here
who else links to this site?
Who is: put the author's name here
Google Page Rank:
Great Resource:
Next time....
Search techniques
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