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Who was Vincent Van Gogh?

No description

Avery O'Brien

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Who was Vincent Van Gogh?

Who was
Vincent Van Gogh?

Van Gogh
Full Name: Vincent Willem Van Gogh
Date of Birth: March 30 ,1853
Date of Death: July 29 ,1890
Occupation: Painter
What were
some of his
Moving to Paris Van Gogh was influenced by painters such as: Gauguin, Pissaro, Monet, and Bernard. He also then developed a close friendship with Gauguin, who eventually became one of the biggest influences on Van Gogh.
What mental illness did he have?
Yes, Van Gogh did have a mental illness, but no one knows what exactly it was. His symptoms were described in letters and documents and included: poor digestion and a bad stomach, hallucinations, nightmares, stupor, absent mindedness, insomnia, and anxiety. Van Gogh also suffered from "mental epilepsy."
"Bedroom in Arles" By: Van Gogh
What happened
to his ear?
In 1888, Van Gogh invited his close friend Gauguin, another painter, to Arles in the south of France.

After trying to work together, Van Gogh had a mental breakdown and threatened Gauguin with a razor blade.

Although Gauguin didn't get hurt, later that night, Van Gogh took the razor blade and cut off part of his own left ear.
Places he lived: Netherlands and
"Night Café" By: Vincent Van Gogh
What museums have his paintings?
There are 50 museums in the USA with Van Gogh paintings and artworks but I'm going to only name a few. There are even more all over the world.
1 The Art Institute of Chicago

2 National Gallery of Art

3 Museum of Fine Arts - Boston

4 Museum of Modern Art

5 The Metropolitan Museum of Art
This is my sister (Julia) and I at the
National Gallery of Art in 3rd grade
with one of Van Gogh's paintings.
Did Van Gogh go to an art school?
He went to school at the Academy of Antwerp , but often didn't go to classes. In Paris he studied in the studio of painter Fernand Cormon for a few months. Then Van Gogh went to (unspecified) and then soon stopped.
You have probably seen this famous painting. It is called "Starry Night" and it was painted by Vincent Van Gogh in July of 1889. It shows the outside of his sanitarium room window at Saint-Rémy-de-Provence (in Southern France) at night. It is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.
Where was "Starry Night" painted?
How much would one of his paintings be worth today?
Original Van Gogh paintings are worth millions and millions of dollars, but in his lifetime he only ever sold one. Then after he passed away people started appreciating his paintings more and we still do.
How did he die?
Vincent Van Gogh died from a gun shot wound on July 29th, 1890. He got shot by shooting himself in the chest two days early by his hotel he was staying in. Then later after ,once he got into the hotel two doctors came by and removed the bullet ,which they were also not certified to do so. Although no gun was ever found.
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