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Invest in Macedonia

No description

Angela Gjekanovikj

on 17 January 2016

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Transcript of Invest in Macedonia

Invest in Macedonia
Macedonia at a Glance
General Information
Official Name: Republic of Macedonia
Area: 25,713 km 2
Capital City: Skopje
Other Major Cities: Kumanovo, Bitola, Tetovo, Veles, Prilep, Stip
2.1 million (2014 Est.)
Median age: 35
41% under 30 years (2014 Est.)
Life expectancy at birth: 74.6 years
Labor Force: 938,294
Literacy rate: 96.1%
80% with very good English language proficiency
Political system
Multi-party parliamentary democracy

unicameral Assembly with 123 MPs with four-year terms; members are elected by popular vote from party lists based on the percentage of the overall vote the parties gain in each of six electoral districts
president elected by popular vote for a fiveyear term;
Prime minister
and cabinet elected by the Assembly following legislative elections
Temperate continental in the North,
Mediterranean in the South

Warm, dry summers and autumns
Relatively cold and snowy winters

Average temperature: 12.7 C
Average high: 17.75 C
Average low: 5.5 C
Macedonian Denar (MKD)

€1 = MKD 61.5

TRY 1 = MKD 18.73

$1 = 56.8 MKD
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