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Prodigy Memberships

Why you should get a prodigy membership!

cek kl

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of Prodigy Memberships

Prodigy Memberships
You should get me one!
Why Get A Membership?
What are Some Of The Features?
I want more features!
still not convinced.
you should get a membership for me because it adds more features.
one feature is pets. in free prodigy you can have 5 pets that you can catch for $500, or for $3000-$9500.
with a membership, you can collect each and every existing pet. all 103! also, you can buy pets for about $1000 and have access to the ultra pet, Squibble!
What is
Another feature is the ability to spin the daily prize wheel twice a day! what is the daily prize wheel? it is a casino-like wheel that you spin every day to win amazing items! you can win phoenix wands and cool clothing or potion ingredients!
I haven't yet mentioned poseidon's tower. In prodigy, there are seven places to fight. non-members have access to these six: the forest, the mountain, the volcano, the pirate island, the storm arena and the coliseum. the seventh one is Poseidon's Tower. it has galactic pets that you can't usually get and a member-only shop with another cool pet! wow!
hmm. well lets fix that then. what about the member only clothing? there are over 50 pieces of clothing that only members can wear such as the pirate captain digs or the bonfire robes or the dragonscale armor! you can obtain most of these pieces of clothing but are not aloud to wear them! You should definitly get me a membership!
I have one more thing to tell you about memberships. if you get a membership, you can level up much faster! instead of it taking 3 games to level up, it only takes 2 games! the same goes for your pet! It is really awesome!
To get a membership for one month it costs $9, but if you get it for a year it is $5 a month for a total of $60!
The Final Question
Will you buy me a membership?
You should discuss it with Mum-Mum.
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