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Driving Higher Engagement

Westpac Driving Higher Engagement Presentation

Chris Jones

on 29 June 2013

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Transcript of Driving Higher Engagement

Higher Engagement
Summary of our
Key Findings
Technology Issues
Career Development
Technology Issues
Technology was out of scope for this project.
Technology Issues
Feedback from AHW
Career Development
Positive feedback about the careers fairs.
Career Development
Support to the Engagement Managers along with the VOTE & SWEET committees.
Career Development
We need to educate staff on relationship between performance & engagement.
If management better understand engagement then they can not only better engage with AHW but all employees.
We need to make AHW feel part of the team.
We need AHW to feel more connected.
To facilitate this we recommend.
We need to communicate the opportunities for Career Development.
We need to communicate the opportunities for Education.
We need to communicate so we don’t feel Isolated.
Social Networking
SharePoint Demonstration
Benefits of Sharepoint
Each team can be a member of....
Benefits of SharePoint
Can create team sites
Benefits of SharePoint
Each profile page of an employee shows that employees position & team as well as all the team members of the employee.
Benefits of SharePoint
Can add details about yourself, interests, hobbies so others can better get to know you.
Benefits of SharePoint
Can upload pictures including your profile picture.
Benefits of SharePoint
Every employee has their own personal profile page which any other employee can view.
Benefits of SharePoint
Introduce a consistent approach on how everyone uses Sharepoint
Our recommendation is
Communicate, advocate, educate Sharepoint becomes common practice
Summary of
Separate project to address technology issues for AHW
Continuation of career fairs
Continue support for employee engagement managers
Educate all staff on employee engagement
Be more proactive at including AHW in work activities
Use Sharepoint as BTFG social networking tool
Thank you
Any questions?
Baby Boomers
Gen X
At Home
Gen Y
Part Time
How many AHWs are currently employed within the Contact Centres?
a) 10-20
b) 70-80
c) 140-150
d) 170-180
Contact Centres
Employee Total:
Source: SPS results – August 2012
At Home Workers:
Source: Workforce Managers – August 2012
How many Generation Y workers are currently employed within the Contact Centres?
a) 110-130
b) 140-160
c) 180-200
d) 220-240
Contact Centres
Employee Total:
Source: SPS results – August 2012
Generation Y:
Source: HR Database – May 2012
An online survey was recently conducted by the DFL Project Team aimed at AHWs. The survey involved 51 AHW participants. Can you tell me what the engagement score was for AHWs?
a) 67%
b) 79%
c) 85%
d) 90%
BTFG Overall: 85%
AHW Engagement Results
SPS 2012 Vs DFL AHW Online Survey
What was the SPS 2012 engagement score for Gen Y for the entire BT Financial Group?
a) 63%
b) 77%
c) 81%
d) 85%
BTFG Overall: 85%
Gen Y Engagement Results
SPS 2012 Gen Y comparison
Other Organisations
1. Google
2. Self-employment
3. Virgin Group
4. Qantas
5. Apple
6. Microsoft
7. OMD
8. The Walt Disney Company
9. BHP Billiton
10. Getaway
11. United Nations
12. Police Forces
13. Vodafone
14. NASA
15. Rio Tinto
16. Department of Defence (Aust)
17. Commonwealth Bank
18. Cadbury
19. Facebook
20. Lonely Planet
Make it
Intel Corporation
Make it
Hyatt Hotels & Resorts
Make it
Make it
Make it
Clif Bar
Contact Centres
Choose a box
Final Question
Double Points
87% of the AHW surveyed rated technology issues as the most difficult issue from working at home.
62% of the AHW surveyed rated isolation as either the most difficult or second most difficult issue from working at home.
Only 53% of AHW answered the following question favourably: ‘I often volunteer to participate in work activities that are not directly related to my job’

The most common feedback from AHW was they wanted "more coaching & training & more regular team meetings"
Gen Y Key Findings
As we saw earlier, Gen Y for the entire BTFG had an excellent SPS 2012 result, equal to the engagement of BTFG as a whole, 85%.
Unfortunately, there was no data available for Gen Y at a Contact Centre level, however, based on these results you could suggest that Gen Y within BTFG are highly engaged & the perception that Gen Y are difficult to work with, are hard to retain, not engaged etc is a myth.
In terms of other research, nothing really stood out for Gen Y. However, based on the open ended comments from the Take 5 & SPS surveys as well as interviews conducted with selected Gen Y workers, it was found that:
- More coaching & training.
- More career development
The Winner is....
Given this issue has a major impact on AHW’s, due to the frustrations with systems being too slow and regularly crashing.

We would recommend a separate project to tackle this issue.
The End
Personalised engagement ie rewards for losing weight, laundry services etc
No need to clean dishes in kitchens
Friendly technology
Teaching engagement to employees
From your research from various sources, the 2012 Take 5 & SPS survey along with the DFL online survey, what were your key findings for AHWs & Gen Y?
AHW Key Findings
End of round 1
Great data storage tool.
Benefits of SharePoint
Announcements can easily be made for all team members to view, i.e. sick leave, annual leave, meetings etc.
Benefits of SharePoint
Can see who works for the team and who is in by simply clicking on the team site.
Benefits of SharePoint
From a security perspective, a lot better than facebook as intranet site completely controlled by business.
Benefits of SharePoint
Combine sharepoint & communicator to chat with team members from different teams & sites.
Benefits of SharePoint
Jeremy Diegmann - Floor Manager
Michael Farrell - Host
Vicki McClements - Co Host
Sonya Bassett - Contestant 1
Anil Thusoo - Contestant 2
Project Sponsor:
Special Thanks to:
Karen Cocks
Course Facilitators - Emma Walsh & Robyn Elliott
Team Assistants
Survey Participants
Chris Jones for the slide production
and to our managers for their support during our journey
Higher Engagement
Go green campaign
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