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Charmona Whitfield

on 26 July 2017

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Transcript of BYOD

Students Are Bringing Devices to Class, Now What?

Enhancing Student Use beyond texting
Classroom Instruction
Basic Uses to Teach Students
What devices are you seeing in class?
What are the benefits?
What are the challenges?
Organization Ideas
MyHomework App
BlackBoard App
Google Calendar
Google Drive
Note taking (notepad, EverNote)
Dropbox for storage
Flashcard apps
Lesson Openers
TodaysMeet to discuss essential question
Google Form for prior knowledge
QR code of website or image related to lesson
Poll Everywhere and Socrative as student response systems
Google Classrom poll question
Lesson Activities and Strategies
Google Apps
Blackboard app (blogs, wikis, journals)
ShowMe and Educreations
Online textbooks
Video and Camera projects
Lesson Closures
Google Forms
Poll Everywhere
Wordles or Tagxedo
Google Slide
Google Classroom Poll
Video camera
News apps
Voice recording
Content research
Flash Cards
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Engaging Students with Digital Devices
Do our classrooms look like this?
Final Thoughts
The device should become a seamless part of class, almost like we use ours. But we have to train them!
Ask students to commit to bringing device everyday
Students sometimes don't mind sharing their device for simple activities
Play with some of the apps discussed today
Invite your ITRT to class for lessons that require devices
Google Drive
Google Chrome
Google Classroom
Flash Cards
QR Code Reader
Teacher Tips
You are still the teacher.
You do not need to know how to use every device
Designate a tech student for every class.
Walk around
Always have a plan B
Communicate what you will allow students to do with devices when classwork is complete
When you want your students complete attention, require them to place devices face down
Make as much content accessible online
Why did Lanier MS open it up?
Too much time dealing with discipline issues
Many of our students had some kind of device
We believed it would be helpful for student engagement
Contact me
Charmona Whitfield
SBTS, Lanier MS
Currently, do teachers allow devices in the classroom?
Educate Student and Parents
Newest Poster
Charmona Whitfield
School Based Technology Specialist
Fairfax County Public Schools

VSTE 2015

Let's think, why don't they?
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