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History Assessment

Indian Ocean Earthquake

John Smith

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of History Assessment

Basic Information Basic Information Basic Information Who? Basic Information Analyze the Event Analyze the Event Description of boundary interaction Recovery 2004, Indian Ocean Earthquake What? When? Other Information The exact time and size of the earthquake The affected countries and
communities continue to struggle. It
will still take years to recover. Heavy rains and fresh flooding are interrupting. Most
of the community buildings and roads are built, but the people still need to mentally recover. - The earthquake that generated the Indian
Ocean Tsunami was estimated of an energy release of 23,000
Hiroshima-type atomic bomb according to U.SG.S. (U.S Geological Survey) Where? The earthquake was struck at Indian Ocean near west coast of the Indonesia island of Sumatra. A deep pressure and force that were building up deep in the Earth was suddenly released on December, 27, 2004. Why? The pressure, force and the sliding of the portion of the India plate under and section called Burma plate
caused the earthquake By the end of Tsunami, more than 150,000
people were either dead or missing. And homes
in more than 11 countries flushed out. The Indian Ocean Tsunami traveled almost
5,000km. Also the Indian Ocean Tsunami
caused waves as high as 15 meters. Analyze the Event Warning signs, warning technology and warning notices/
preparation. Indonesia had no warning system at Tsunami at all.
85% of tsunami that happened were at Pacific Ocean, so they weren't aware of it. After Shocks Few aftershocks were reported at Andaman
Islands, Nicobar islands and where
the earthquake originally happened. Aftershock theory 3 days after the India ocean tsunami happened, a 8.1
magnitude earthquake happened at New Zealand and Australia. Earthquake happened at local time, 12/26/04 at 7:59:49AM. The size of earthquake was magnitude 9.0, 1.2km section of tectonic plates
shifted. How quick was the response? Pacific tsunami warning center released a warning to pacific nation when they detected the tsunami. But it was too late for Indonesia because the wave already struck. How many km from the
surface? It was an depth of
30km. How much damage? Over 5 million people were homeless, as the tsunami struck coasts over 12 countries. It was total $470,000 million dollars worth of damage. The epicenter of the earthquake near the triple point junction of three tectonic plates - where major tsunamis and earthquakes were at. At the earthquake, seismic boundary formed by the movement, of the Indonesia Australia plate as it collides with the Burma plate. According to recent studies, it seems the two plates separated millions of years ago. and that the Australian plate was rotating anti-clock
wise, putting segments
of the India plate.
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