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Self Care - Kudzu

No description

Liz Vincent

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Self Care - Kudzu

Here's What the Experts Say (Pueraria lobata) Kudzu Similar Drugs Lauren Burchfield
Josh Knight
Ali Lloyd
Katelynn Mayberry
Liz Vincent "The vine that ate the South" "The vine that ate the South" "The vine that ate the south" "The vine that ate the south" Adverse Effects Drug Interactions Monitoring Allergies "The vine that ate the south" Alcoholism
Menopausal symptoms
Diabetes A hypersensitivity reaction was reported one time There are no side effects reported from oral treatment in the available literature Drugs metabolized by CYP 450 enzymes
Tamoxifen/ estrogen-containing products
Anti-diabetic agents
Anti-arrhythmic agents
Anti-coagulants/ anti-platelets
Methotrexate No monitoring is required for adverse effects or allergies
Monitoring of levels of interacting agents should be performed - The isoflavone components have estrogenic and anti-estrogenic activity

- They are thought to work similarly to the Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) Mechanism of Action Alcoholism Menopausal Symptoms Diabetes - Isoflavones consistently suppress voluntary alcohol intake by inhibiting alcohol dehydrogenase - Causes later and lower peak blood alcohol levels and a flattened dose response curve - Might decrease peak blood alcohol levels due to delayed gastric emptying, exposing alcohol to a longer time for first-pass metabolism in the stomach - Increases GLUT4 gene expression in skeletal muscle, allowing greater utilization of glucose - Disulfiram (Antabuse)
- Phytoestrogens
- Soy - Black cohosh
- Flaxseed - Hops
- Ipiriflavone - Licorice
- Red clover - Puerarin
- Glycetein - Diadzein
- Hormone-replacement therapy
- Insulin
- Oral anti-diabetic agents
- Cinnamon Counseling
Points Our Recommendation for Our Patient - Two 300 mg kudzu capsules BID for a total of 1200 mg daily for 1 month

- Follow up after 1 month Therapeutic Uses History of Kudzu a Native to China, Japan, Taiwan, and India Invasive legume species that grows extremely well in the South Brought to the United States in 1876 to prevent soil erosion and as inexpensive food for cattle
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