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PP Documentation

No description

Alexis Ptacek

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of PP Documentation

Alexis Ptacek
These two charts work together to give a general description of what format to use when filling in BOM Sort String (SS) and Storage Location (SLoc).
The first chart (below, left) uses MRP group (MRP G) to determine which columns to use in the second chart. Where the Material MRP group is
, please use the ABC SS formatting. When it is
, please use the 123 SS/Sloc formatting. Because M02s, M14s, and M16s usually contain components from 1+ department, they can be left blank for consistency sake.
Materials should generally have the same Sort String for all parents they go directly into, especially top-level ETNs and their parent base machines
(EX: ETN17142)
Qlikview for Dummies
Tableau for Dummies
SAP for Dummies
Script for looping through Excel files (multiple tabs within file):
\\frxfileserv1\Manufacturing\Planning\Tableau\Order Configuration\OCA History
General COGI Information
Regular COGI shows TOP level ETNs and M03s

2-Char COGI shows any material that COGI pulls a 2 character location which is incorrect (mostly components with a blank BOM Sloc and pulling a parent location).

COGI 018 show no location. Have spec fill BOM, and change location in COGI until requirements end. May need default filled

COGI 090, 092 deal with Accounting records. Have John clear, or ask spec to check relevancies/change item category Z/L

COGI Prevent runs future errors on COGI. It helps catch BOM/spec issues before the real errors happen. When the problem is corrected, however, there will still be errors on COGI Prevent, which can be ignored.
Common COGI Errors
Production Version not found
1. Open C223
A. Is there a production version?
1) NO
-> Email ME, ask them to create PV
2) YES
a) Is Version A001 (Not A000 or RX01)
b) Is REM Checked (Except if it is an M14)
c) Is Rcvg. Location filled in (scroll right)
How to find the ME?
Use ZCS15 to determine parent base machines (Note the family and sort string). Use this information in the Qlikview file to find the ME.
Check Valid From Date:
1. Is it in the past?
2. Does it match the routing date (CA03)
3. Does it match the ALT BOM date (CS03)
Material X RX01 Loc Does Not Exist
serialized parts audits
Failed Goods Receipts
Failed Goods Issues, etc.
1. Run IQ03 with Variant: RX01_7R_Trans
2. Drag Serial # column to far left (in SAP)
3. Copy table to IQ03- Tab A3
1 Run PMR: /DEEREMES/SN01 - use Serial #s from IQ03
2 Copy table to SN01- Tab A3
Audit Tab: Step 1
1. Drag down from Row 2; color code FGIs and AGED parts
A:F pulls from IQ03 Tab, G pulls SN01 (Red)
-Check Column F: Should ALL be 563 or 632
H:I are formulas to define AGED parts
AGED are >2 weeks in inventory (Yellow)
J:M uses the material # to determine family, MRP controller, QE, and proper dept supervisor to contact from the QE chart
(Since serialized parts are only certain material #s, we can use a chart from a different tab)
Audit Tab: Step 2
SF12, etc.
3. Open PAG:/DEEREAG/SF12 using Variant RX01_7R_TRN_LT
-Enter Selection Profile ZPP0009
-Export to 7R Transmissions Folder: sf12.txt
-Refresh SF12 Tab
-Date Audit Tab: Check for "No" in Col E
-If NO, send to John

4. Send full updated list to ...

Background: These are transmissions in inventory. When these are assigned to tractors, the Goods Issue should consume them from inventory. If they show in SN01, it means the GI failed.
Background: SN01 shows transmissions which have been assigned to tractors (and should no longer show in inventory-IQ03). The Goods Issue consumes the part from inventory once it is assigned.
By copying Serial #s from IQ03 (i.e. Serial #s in inventory) to SN01, we see which transmissions in inventory have been assigned to tractors (there should be none). Therefore, parts on SN01 indicate when Goods Issues have failed.
2. Failed GIs
A. Check for QBLK status

B. Use SN01 Change Pencil to Fix
How To Check for QBLK & Qnotes on Multiple Serial Numbers
1. Copy Serial #s from SN01
2. Run PAG: /DEEREAG/QMN09, using SN01 Serial #s
3. Check for QBLK Serial #s (listed in Red)
4. If QBLK, Run through PMR: /DEEREMES/SF11 to see if Qnotes are closed
A. Closed: Remove QBLK using /DEEREAG/QMN08
B. Open: Email QE to close out Qnotes and remove QBLK
5. Once QBLK is removed, fix GI using SN01 (Change Pencil)
Kyle Koester
Sherrie Jones
Kristin Bolsinger
Collin Levendusky
Andy Friedrich
CC John
1. Copy MES Order # to PAG: MMBE
2. Select Unrestricted Inventory
3. Environment > Equipment/Serial # > Blue I
4. Is QBLK checked?
a) Yes : Email QE
b) No: OK to fix

1. Open new PMR: /DEEREMES/SN01 window
-Copy MES order of FGI to SNO1
-Enter Component Serial ID: T7 to TM; Run
2. Select desired row, click Change Icon
-Clear the Component Serial # Field
3. Select same row, click Change Icon
-Paste Component Serial # to field
Hint: The row you changed will have your UserID in the far right column
If you're not sure, ask John- he can see which you changed. It's really important to not mix them up.
Double Click bubbles for more info!
1. Check COOIS on a weekly basis
2. FGR Emails:
"OR Order Quantity exceeded"
-Can ignore
"Valuation data..."
-Won't be confirmed until High Volume Backflush runs
Check for Delivered status:
Open CO03, Paste MES Order # from email
If Delivered status does not show, use MB31 to fix
Enter Order #, Movement Type 101, also Doc. Header Text "Fixing Failed GR"
Enter, Save
261/262 location move for MB31 explanation
iDoc how tos
Except when purchased parts go directly into M06s (IE LA10358 or LA10116
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