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A (hopefully) narrative - led example of my knowledge and skills in user journeys; writing briefs; feeding back on responses to brief and persuading clients.

ryan sackett

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of My IC

My IC My IC is your one place for all the health and social care information you need to make decisions - giving you easy access to data, tools and statistical resources.

My IC is your space that can be personalised to meet your needs - it's the information you need, presented in a way that makes sense to you. 1. A tale of two briefs 1.1 Creative

"Aligning to the key benefits of the service, produce a creative idea to underpin the online and offline activity. Specific techniques include (the idea will need to work in these applications):

PPC (Creative should align with keyword / key phrase selection).
Online display (MPU, Banner, Skyscraper).
HTML email template (and footer for internal use i.e. customer contact centre.

A4, A5 Trade press adverts (typical placement, HSJ).
BrochuresA4 product sheet.

1.2 Digital

"Outline of a digital marketing plan to drive customer acquisition to www.ic.nhs.uk.

Tools, techniques, and any bought media should be targeted to informatics professionals working within the NHS – typically at Primary Care Trusts or Strategic Health Authorities." Background

My IC is the second phase of the three phase Signposting project. The first phase provides improved (enterprise) search and the third delivers online fulfilment.

Improve discoverabilityImprove navigation.
Improve access.
My IC will bring improved discoverability and navigation.

People have told us finding information is difficult, even when they know that it exists – we need to improve the pathways and experience significantly.

Benefits of My IC
Faster location of information.
Improved navigation.
Improved discoverability.
Quicker access to health and social care information.
Increased understanding of our customersIncreased outlets for NHS IC products and services. An excellent response to 1.2 Digital.

Relevant keywords (aligned with our analysis of entrance sources to our existing sites.
Strong fit with our ideas around copywriting.
Aligned with our corporate metadata scheme.
Directed us on our alt long page titles and descriptions (key for SEO).
Suggested appropriate ad placements. It's good, but it's not the one
- first response to 1.1 Creative. Feeding back on 1.1 Creative "Though the creative approach was strong (and we loved it in the Comms team), we know it won't fit with the audience...

.. insights and research have shown apathy towards something perceived to be trying to be gimmicky or clever.

...users want the facts and with clear benefits." Second response to 1.1 Creative Second response to 1.1 Creative What about the Loch Ness Monster and his evasive pals?

All wasn’t lost. Those creatives went down a storm when used as an aid to sell My IC, so we had them produced as a series of postcards for signing up users at events – they were, and continue to be, a talking point. 2. User journeys Direct traffic

Supported by our own analysis and Google’s Traffic Estimator, we created three versions of our landing page (with separate campaign urls) that aligned with the PPC and the display ads. Specifically:

Health Statistics.
Health benchmarking / comparison.
Health data / data tools.

Indirect traffic

Based upon top content analysis and the associated referrals, we optimized key pages on our site. Again, aligned to one of the three groupings, this work involved updating copy, metadata, and our own internal ads we serve on the site. Homepage advert Standard page advert Landing page 3. The art of persuasion The project team didn’t believe it was worth optimising anything other than the campaign landing pages.

I persuaded them this work was worthwhile given and context was key – the right message in the right location on the site could really boost our take up. Not to mention the customer extension opportunity of engaged users being already on the site elsewhere. 4. Results User base + 20% £6 Cost per acquisition
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