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No description

Mmasiolu Gamero

on 15 March 2016

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Transcript of Drug ABUSE

Here are some debunked myths about relieving drug addiction that you should know about before treatment. Drug abuse sometimes cannot be stopped by willpower alone, because of how the brain works while addicted. Addiction and abuse can be stopped under the right circumstances. Addicts can also quit any time they want, they don't have to hit rock bottom.
You actually can force treatment onto an addict, and a treatment can work after one has already failed. Beating abuse or addiction is much easier with support behind you, such as friends, family, therapists, counselors, or recovered addicts. If you are trying to help an abuser, speak up, don't put your needs behind you to help and don't blame yourself. If you are a parent to a drug abuser, you can set certain consequences, monitor his activity and search for hidden drugs, encourage other healthy activities, and get help. Your child may rebel against you, but listen to coaches, teachers, friends, or relatives.
Lastly, you can contact a local health center. There are many of these, some online and most in the real world.
What is Drug Abuse?
Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse is a growing problem in our world today.
Symptoms of Drug Abuse
Current Statistics
A Teen's Story
Drug Abuse is the act of taking addictive or illegal drugs. This can include overusing drugs, or using them in dangerous ways. In the U.S. today, almost 25 million Americans abuse drugs.
Drug Abuse in Teens
How to Get Help
According to 2013 statistics, an average of 24.6 million Americans over 12 years old abuse drugs. The most commonly abused drug is alcohol but marijuana is growing more popular. This chart shows the most popular drugs.
Bibliography/ Credits "drugs", "marijuana", "cocaine", "pain relievers",

Drug Abuse in the Health Triangle
People that abused drugs may find themselves neglecting their jobs and responsibilities to do drugs, since they are addicted. They might also take drugs under dangerous conditions, break the law when doing drugs, or lose friends because their friends don't want to be with a drug addict.

Drug abuse, subsequently, includes addiction.

Drug Abuse can affect all 3 parts of the health triangle. Drugs can make you physically sick, can affect your mental perception, and shatter your relationships with friends and even family.
Not including tobacco and nicotine, these are the most commonly abused
This is Savannah, a past drug addict. She began using drugs when she was 10. She would use many different kinds of drugs but then, after realizing its effects, she was taken to a reform house and stopped using drugs.
The Health Triangle Diagram
Mmasiolu Gamero +p
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