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Play Doh

Play Doh Prezi

Karen A

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Play Doh

Play Doh By Karen
Today Play Doh is more expensive than it used to be in 1956. Today a can costs about $1.50. A 24 pack costs about $14.99. A ten pack costs around $6.49. When Play Doh first originally came out it cost about $0.18. The price has changed so much over time. Play Doh usually makes the most money during Christmas.
The Beginning
When Play Doh was invented there was only 3 colors red,blue,and yellow. Today there is so many other colors that you can buy. Today there is over 36 colors. Hasbro (the Play Doh Owners today) had a poll to see what some favorite Play Doh colors were. The results said that some favorites were rose red, purple paradise, garden green, and blue lagoon.
Play Doh Food
Play Doh is non toxic so you can eat it but most people don't like that Play Doh makes food merchandise. They are afraid that their kid will eat Play Doh. Even though some people don't agree with Play Doh food the company still continues to make food products.
What Makes Play Doh Classic
I think that Play Doh is a classic toy because it was the first modeling clay that was non toxic and for kids. I was also very popular so it became a classic toy. Since Play Doh officially became a toy in 1956 and today is 2014 Play Doh is 58 years old.
Words to Know
Hasbro - the owners of Play Doh.
Joseph and Noah Mcvicker- the people that invented Play Doh.
Rainbow Crafts Company- The first company to sell Play Doh.
Kanten Clay Studio - a Play Doh copycat
Play Doh Colors
Logo Timeline
Fun Fact - Play Doh Pete is the boy in the 3,4, and 5 can. The 4 can is Pete in a Christmas edition can.
What Is Play Doh Made Out Of ?
When workers
make Play Doh
whats inside
flour and water
mineral or vegetable oil
Copy Cats
Kanten Clay Studio is a Play Doh Copycat.
This is a Japanese company that has clay just
like Play Doh. Luckily this company has not been competition for Play Doh.
One Rule when you're making Play
Doh is to make sure it dosen't
harden. To keep it moist put it in a
Ziploc bag.
Different Perspectives
What are some
Play Doh
My Invention
Lots of people like the smell of play doh because they say it "smells like their childhood". I came up with a Play Doh perfume called the Play-Fume! It's a toy that makes you smell just like Play Doh. It will cost $30.00
Parents-parents think that Play Doh is a fun
non-toxic clay for their kids to play with. The
only thing they don't agree with is the Play
Doh food because they don't want their kids
to eat Play Doh even if it's non toxic.

Kids- kids like to play with Play Doh and they enjoy Play Doh.
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Play Doh wasn't made to be a toy
Noah and Joseph Mcvicker had a soap/cleaning company .
Kroger asked them to make a wallpaper cleaner.
They made the dough to clean and it became really popular.
Her sister in law (who was a teacher) used the clay with her students to model, her students loved it.
Joseph and Noah decided to send the dough to a toy convention.
The toy convention loved it.
Play Doh became a toy in 1956!
Joseph and Noah made their own company to sell Play Doh called Rainbow Crafts Company.
Play Doh has never gone out of business since then!
Fun fact -
Play Doh was most popular since 1980-2005.
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