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Trent and Ayden Pd 3

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lib hist

on 12 September 2018

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Transcript of Trent and Ayden Pd 3

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Trent and Ayden Pd. 3
Ernest Evans
Ernest Evans was in the Navy. He was a Commander and piloted a war ship that fought the Japanese. He battled hard and strong until 1944 when his ship was sunk as he was battling hard and he also went down with his ship.
Extra, Extra, Read all about it!!!
William Lawley
William Lawley was a WWII Veteran, who was a bomber. He was flying, and was surrounded by Twenty enemy fighters. His engine was immediately shot and eight crew members were badly wounded. He then found that the co-pilot was killed. He also suffered a serious head injury.He dove the plane to try a put the fire out, but it came back. He then headed to a base in England, nearly there, he passed out from blood lose. When he was revived, He found that he successfully landed the plane and saved his crew members.
Evans: Sacrifice
I chose Sacrifice because he gave the ultimate sacrifice, his life. He cared more about his friends, than everything he had waiting for him after the war.
I choose Valor because what he survived (at the time) was thought to be instant death. He also did it to save,not him, but his entire crew. His survival plan was thought to have no chance of working, but it did.
The War
Both Trent and I had soldiers from World War II. Trent's soldier was in the Air Force as a bomber. Ayden's soldier was a navy commander and pilot of a war ship.

-both fought in WWII
-FDR presented their medals
-Did what they did to protect their fellow soldiers
- Both earned the Medal of Honor
-Were under heavy fire
-Evans was killed Action
-Lawley was a bomber in the Air Force
-Evans was a ship captain in the Navy
-Lawley was near (and landed) in England
-Evans died in the Philippines

The Fallen Remembered

Script for The Fallen Remembered
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