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What are the causes and consequences of The Vietnam War?

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Xanthe-Marie Greenwood

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of What are the causes and consequences of The Vietnam War?

By Xanthe-Marie Parys Greenwood What were the causes and consequences of The Vietnam War? In a nutshell, North Vietnam was communist and South Vietnam wasn't. Ho Chi Minh (of North Vietnam) wanted to spread communism and make it a communist country on a whole. The South wasn't too happy about that. The US were didn't want the spead of communism at all so they took side with South Vietnam, bringing in a different level of seriousness to the war. What were the causes of the war? There were main players involved in the Vietnam War. These were:
Communists- North Vietnam (supported my China and Russia).
Non-Communist- South Vietnam (supported by US, France and Allies).
There were also "small players", such as Australia, Laos, South Korea and The Philipines. What countries here involved in the Vietnam War? Operation Rolling Thunder: President Johnson’s attack plan seemed to attack not only the Northern Vietnamese military, but all of North Vietnam as a nation. It showed people that the war was much more serious than anyone had initially thought it to be.
-Tet Offencive 1968: The war had caused lot of psychological damage to US Military forces and US citizens back home. After the government had started to assure people that the war was almost won and over with, the Northern Vietnamese launched this attack.
-The Mai Lai Massacre: The massacre showed Americans back home that the government was allowing barbarians to run their armies, and that didn’t sit too well with the people.
-The 1970 Cambodian Invasion: was so significant in relation to America’s involvement in Vietnam because the protests against it lead directly to the Kent State massacre.
-Paris Peace Accords: the final peace agreement that ending the war in Vietnam. Without the agreement to cease-fire, the Vietcong would have kept on fighting to the death. he Paris Peace Accords weren’t really facilitated peacefully. The US had to bomb the northern Vietnamese for 12 days to get them to comply with peace agreements. The Paris Peace Accords seemed more like a surrender of the northern Vietnamese. What were the main events of the Vietnam War? The very first protests against U.S. involvement in Vietnam were in 1945, when United States Merchant Marine sailors condemned the U.S. government for the use of U.S. merchant ships to transport French troops to "subjugate the native population" of Vietnam; these protesters opposed the "recolonization" of Vietnam.
-June 1963. Tom Hayden writes the Port Huron Statement for the anti-communist Students for a Democratic Society.
- May 1963. Anti-Vietnam war protests in England and Australia.
-May 2 1964. Hundreds of students demonstrate on New York's Times Square and from there went to the United Nations. 700 marched in San Francisco. Smaller demonstrations take place in Boston, Madison, Wisconsin and Seattle. These protests were organized by the Progressive Labor Party, with help from the Young Socialist Alliance.
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protests_against_the_Vietnam_War What was the extent of protest against the war? -Lyndon Johnson was taken out of office.
-Failure to conclude the Vietnam War in the form of a decisive victory was a serious blow to military prestige.
-US citezens lost alot of fail in the military because of this.
-MANY people died.
-Many soldiers suffered from post-war depression and trauma.
- Vietnam was a reunited country.

What were the consequences of the war?
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