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Presentation of Master Thesis

54 Hours from Concept to Company

Jesper Bach

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Presentation of Master Thesis

Utilizing a Flexibility Interface for
Distributed Energy Resources Through a
Cloud-Base Service

by Jesper Bach & Lasse Orda
Prepared in collaboration with...
Master Thesis
Technical University of Denmark
DTU Compute
Project Vision and Goals
Create a proof-of-concept prototype
Real-time communication between Distributed Energy Resources and the cloud
Unstructured/Raw DER data is transformed, in the Cloud, into an information model based on IEC 61850
Provide access to DER data in the cloud
Integrate iPower Flexibility Interface
Additional Activities
Current situation
Proposed solution
iFlexibility Interface
Dantherm (case study)
Beagle Bone (case study)
Send Commands to DER
Client Request for data
Demo (RESTful interface)
Designed to provide service
oriented communication

Designed for maximum reuse

Modular design like IEC 61850

Dynamic Modules
iFlexibility interface in the project
Mapped into the IEC 61850
Information model structure
Included as an extra Logical Node
Standards used in the project
System design
IEC 61850
IEC 61850-7-420
IEC 61850-80-3 TR
iFlexibility Interface
Communication technologies
RESTful interface
XML Webservice
3 live DKuCHP DER units

DER Intermediary

Custom DER Module
Custom DER unit

Using WebSockets

DER Communication via cloud
Send commands via RESTful interface or XML WebService

Routed via inter-instance communication

Delivered through WebSockets
Technical Paper accepted for IEEE SmartGridComm in Vancouver
Competing in Windows Azure Challenge
Use cases
Cloud Concerns
Cloud Computing Service Models

Geographical location

IEC 61850
Utilizing a Flexibility Interface for
Distributed Energy Resources Through a
Cloud-Base Service
by Jesper Bach & Lasse Orda
Object oriented data model

Predefined data-classes

Object naming scheme

Configuration via SCL
IEC 61850
Generic Model
Generic Information model
to handle every predefined
data class

Handles future changes

Handles multiple standards
Information model
IEC 61850
To sum-up
Future Work

Using generic information model
Based on IEC 61850 information model
iPower Flexibility Interface added as additional notes
Smart Grid generates huge amount of data
Cloud Data Storage
Realtime communication using WebSockets
Dynamic module handling for DERs
Accessibility through RESTful interface, XML WebService and a Website
Reporting and logging
Larger scale distributed testing
Utilization of new services made available with the cloud
Dong PowerHub
Communication security between DER and cloud
Transforms raw
DER data into a
general data structure
that can be stored
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