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How Fun Overlap with Education and Work

No description

Andi shao

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of How Fun Overlap with Education and Work

How Fun Overlap with Education and Work There always has an overlap between them WE automatically find FUN
It can't hide anywhere Work Study The world's best job Fun Courses In University Fun Always here But, Here is the thing... Nobody pays us to have fun And There also isn't a degree called Bachelor of Fun Private island caretaker The science of superheroes Does anyone know any course in any school are very interesting? Elvish, the language of “Lord of the Rings” Alien sex Teach you how background and weakness, ability, what they can do and what they can not just like what we do on science
A funny professor can make any course interesting

By, telling a story e.g

By, using education games Anyways, What Ifs,

We don't have extremely funny courses
However, we still need "boring" courses

My professor very serious and strict In these situations how can we still have
fun while we study?

Here are some tips for YOU Study by Yourself:
*Use music

*Keep snacks close

*If you are reading your textbook, use funny accents or weird voices :D

*Go over your notes and draw pictures Study in Group:
*Talk out loud

*Quiz each other maybe set up award There is one more job that I wanted so bad when I was a teenager.

Which is

Professional Gamer In my perspective professional gamers are payed for playing game.

Which means I can play as much as I want

My parents will not judge me by playing game too much But actually, they are not that into it Because they have pressure.

They have to keep playing a game even when they don't want to.

Because this is their job.

Payment ruined fun stuffs by turn them into work Just like my volunteer experience in Math center

I really enjoyed it. However, when I offered a job

I feel like I am banded

Lost the flexibility, free. Is that mean Payment always negatively affect one's
happiness? Of course NOT!
Study show Pay for Performance "working so well"

Most of the time,money is the biggest motivation for work.

e.g My summer work is for sending a gift. IT IS AWKWARD ! How to deal with this paradox? Its really depends on your perspective toward work.
It could be ...
Self achievement (designer)


Money (everybody)

Or friendship/social relationship (Karen)

etc etc.. Most of time have fun with work don't mean I need to LOL while I work.

But, It is when you imagining what you will get by done this job. well, Lets get to know What is fun in work? Fun Tips Help You Have Fun in Work

*Use your superpowers every single day!

*Bring in a plant for your desk

*Think about your favorite moment at work. Interesting Fact

There are 32 tips in
"55 tips to make work more fun"
have something do to with your co-worker or boss

Which shows your surrendering really influence your happiness.

Do something for them will also make you feel fun. From what we talked to you guys everybody may
start has some idea about how to find fun. Keep in mind fun is always around you, but you need to find it. It will tread you nicely :) When you do what you like, it doesn't feel like burden at all. Everybody probably knew this already.

Trust it, it is true.
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