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Latin/Central American Unit: Research

No description

Stephanie Knorowski

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of Latin/Central American Unit: Research

Today's Agenda
Choosing a topic
Organizing your ideas
Tree Map
Group your ideas in a tree map
Research your topic on the internet.
Copy and paste information you want to use in your essay into word and print. Be sure to include the web address. 1 page per person!
Read and label model essay "The Plague Called Fear"
Research Setting/Background of your novel.
Brainstorm connections to your novel
Choose a topic for your essay.
Pre-write: tree map
Brainstorm your connections to the novel using a circle map
Choose the connection that you have the most to say about.
"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela
Model: "The Plague Called Fear"
Read and label the essay:
1. Paragraph 1 (intro): H = hook, B = background information, T = Thesis statement/claim.
2. Paragraph 2,3, & 4: Underline all connections to the thesis statement.
3. Paragraph 5: CC = counter claim, R= rebuttal
4. Paragraph 6: T = Thesis statement written in different words

Today's learning targets:
I can research the setting of my novel.
I can choose a topic and generate ideas for an essay.
Today's Learning Target
Writing a thesis statement
like comment share
"The only way to do great work is to love what you do." - Steve Jobs
I can write a thesis statement for my essay.
Latin/Central American Unit: Research

Quote of the day 4-14 &4-15
Research the setting/background of your novel.
For example: "Like Water for Chocolate" - Mexican Revolution.
Copy and paste relevant information to word.
Print 1 page with the web address on it.
Quote of the day 4-16-14
A thesis statement is a single sentence that appears at the
of a paper's
paragraph. The thesis statement gives the
main idea
of the essay. It acts as a
for both the
of the paper. For the
, the thesis gives a
statement of the
of the essay. For the writer, the thesis statement acts as a guide for
of the essay, helping the writer maintain
Step 1: Take 5 minutes to brainstorm about your topic: __________________________________

Step2: Look through the information written above and find a statement that interests you. Underline it.

Step 3: Brainstorm again, using that sentence as the starting point. Do this to develop a main idea for your essay.

Step 4: Once you have the idea, turn it into a question. The answer to the question can be developed into your thesis. For example, if your main idea is "Public libraries have lost their value in today's society," turn that into a question by asking "Why have public libraries lost their value?" Your answer becomes a thesis statement you can refine as you write your paper. For example, "Public libraries have lost their value in today's society because..."
Writing The Counterargument
When you counter-argue, you consider a possible argument
or some aspect of your
. This is a good way to test your
when drafting, while you still have time to revise them.

Step 1: Think about how an intelligent person might disagree with you or see matters differently. Write a statement that is the opposite of your thesis. This will be your counter claim.

Step 2: Think about how you would intelligently argue back with that person. This will be your rebuttal.

Step 3:
Take out your tree map and write the counterclaim, and rebuttal in the appropriate branches.

Quote of the day 4-17-14
"Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." - Dr. Randy Pausch
Today's learning targets:

I can write a thesis statement for my essay.
I can write a counterclaim and rebuttal for my essay.
Refining your thesis statement:
1. Review your thesis statement from yesterday.
2. Ask yourself "Is my thesis statement arguable?"
3. Revise your thesis statement if needed.
4. Share it with at least one person in your group (1s and 4s, 2s and 3s).
5. Give and receive feedback.
6. Make more revisions based on feedback and write your final thesis statement in the space provided on your tree map.
What's next?
Add the background information to your tree map (explanation of your topic/title and author of your book)
Re-read the model essay's introduction paragraph.
Write the introduction paragraph of your essay.
Turn in to the basket before you leave.
Quote of the day 4-18-14
"When we loose the right to be different, we loose the privilege to be free."-

Charles Evans Hughes
The 36th Governor of New York
Today's learning target:
I can write the introductory paragraph of my essay.
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